Chapter two :: Acer

I woke with a start and sat up fast. I looked at my watch 6pm. I yawned as I still felt tried but I had to get up. I had to go and see my family, well… my father. I dragged myself from the bed and yawned wide, moaning as a stretched to the air. I gave a small smile as I walked out of my room in to the living room, everything the same. Like always. I looked down at what I was wearing the night before. Jeans and a T-shirt. The once green T-shirt now had red blood down the left side of it. I sighed as I saw it but didn't think much of it, "Another shirt gone." I muttered, not caring at all. I pulled my keys out of my pocket and placed them on the side, next to the phone. I thought about phoning my dad. I did, I picked up the phone and punched in the numbers with my finger, praying that Queen Bitch wouldn't answer it. I held the phone to my ear.

"Hello, this is the Howard's household." came a reply as the phone was answered, a girl about my age but a 'posh' voice… well, trying to be posh voice.

"Hi…" I replied, sighing. The person on the other side was Amy. My step sister. "I'm looking for my father." I said, making the word 'my' sound a lot bigger than the other words.

"Oh…" Amy replied, "You…" Amy frowned a little but still kept her act up, sounding like she had a plum suck in her throat. "Dad?!" she called. I on the other end of the phone glared at the wall as she call my father her dad. I twisted the phone line tight around my finger, without meaning to. Still glaring at my light yellow shaded wall. Amy talked into the phone again, "What do you want him for?" she asked, "Why on earth are you phoning?"

"Because I want to speak to my father." I replied, still a mad tone in my voice.

"Fine…" Amy replied. She rolled her eyes on the other end.

"Fine!" I replied back but then tried to calm myself down. The phone was taken from Amy as my father placed it to his ear.

"Hello?" he asked in to the phone.

"Hello." I replied to him, losing my anger as I let go of the phone wire, even gave a small smile.

"Kat!" My father said fast, he smiled, "Long time, no see." he told me. "Well, you coming round later?" he asked. "I hope so, can't wait to see you again!"

"Err…" I said. I really didn't want to go, but… he sounded like he really wanted to see me.

"Sure, course I am." I told him, saying it as I felt guilt build inside of me.

"Great!" he said, sounding over the moon. "Tonight, round here… about seven?"

"Seven?" I asked. I looked at my watch, it was 6: 15. I looked around my room fast, "Seven… sure, might be a bit late. I have to take a shower…" I said as I smelt of blood.

"I'm sure you don't. Just come round." he told me with a laugh.

"No… I do." I replied as I looked down at my T-shirt. My father laughed.

"Ok." he told me, "Just make sure you get here and tell me what you have been up to."

"Course, I'll be there." I told him.

"Ok kitty…." he laughed.

"Kat, dad." I told him.

"Kitty Kat." he told me. I couldn't help but smile.

"Sure, see you later." I told him and put the phone down without him calling me any other names that he had made up over the years.

"Great!" I told myself, "What am I going to wear?" I asked myself as I walked to the bedroom, pulling the draw out fast. I didn't own a lot of clothes as somehow 'something' always happened to them. I pulled out a long brown skirt, tan colour and looked at it. "It will have to do…" I told myself as I looked through the draw for a shirt. I pulled out a red silk shirt that went in at the waist, "Perfect!" I told myself. This shirt made me look thinner than what I really was… perfect to make 'big hips' Amy jealous. I laughed evilly to myself and then just smiled, "Maybe it won't be as bad as I thought…" I grinned as I looked at the red shirt. "I think I should stop being evil…" I joked, "Nasty little cow I am…" I said, laughing as I carried the clothes to the bathroom.

I looked over at the shower as I placed my clothes on the side. Slowly undressed and stepped in, turning on the water. It ran down my body. The water was on cold but I didn't care. What did it mater? I couldn't feel it. After about 10 minutes I stepped out, trying to find the towel. I tapped on the towel rail and found it. I wrapped it around me and wiped the water out of my eyes. I hated that… Water in my eyes. I started to get changed fast as soon as I had the tan skirt on and my lovely 'thin' persons red shirt on a smiled. The red sleeves of the shirt came to half way of my lower arm. I brushed the skirt down as I walked into the living room. I lifted my left arm to cheek the time, 6:25pm. "No…" I said slowly, "Can't be." I tried to think of what had happened, "No!" I shouted, "I didn't take it off when I had a shower!" I sighed as I took the watch off and threw it to the couch. I ran to my room to grab my hair brush but banging came from down stairs.

Mrs Banks, a 60 year old banged on her roof with a broom, "Stop that banging!" she called. She lived in the room under mine.

"Sorry!" I called down to her and frowned heavily, "I'll teach myself to float!" I shouted sarcastically and Mrs Banks banging again, madly. I sighed as I mocked a tip toe across the floor to the living room, starting to brush my hair down. The one thing wrong about having long hair is that it takes ages to brush and ages to dry.

When my hair was near enough close to being dry, I placed the hair brush on the side and turned to look around my living room. Nothing great jumped out at me, I think the most important thing I owned was actually 'The Radio Times' now that my watch was broken. I grabbed my set of keys and opened the door, closing it slowly and making sure it was locked before I walked past Mrs Colin's room and down the stairs.

On the second floor I walked past the two other rooms. Mrs Callens room and next to the stairs Mr Tomson's room. I walked down the stairs to the ground floor. Henry stood in his now empty room, looking around it.

Henry looked to the door as I pasted, "Oi!" he called to me and stepped out from his room. I stopped and turned around to face him.

"Yes?" I asked and gave a small smile.

"I know…" Henry said as he walked to me, "I know what you are…"

"What?" I asked, lost at the minute.

"I know what you are Howard." he told me. I just looked at him but he spoke again, "It's not hard to guess…" he said simply and walked out of the building. I watched him go. Did he really know what I was or was he trying to scare me?

I thought about this for a little while. Time pasted quick as I walked, "What was he on about? He couldn't have guess…" I said aloud as I walked. I tried not to think about what Henry had said to me as I stood at the side of the road, waiting to cross. Lights from the cars go past me fast and I sigh as I wait for someone to let me stop. A red car stopped dead and flashed his lights at me. Surprised that someone had stopped for me, I slowly stepped out to the road, my eyes on the car as I walked across the street. The engine of the car makes it small noise as it waits. I can't see the face of the driver, the window of the red B.M.W are blacked out but I saw the number plate AC3R.. 'weird' I think to myself. I get the middle of the road when I lose my eyes contact with the car as the loud horn of a car in the other lane beeped at me, over and over again.

A angry man leant out of his window, "Get out of the fucking road!" he yelled at me.

I, shocked, stood still, unsure and lost. The man shouted again, "Didn't you hear me?!" he yelled and got out of his car. The 5'9 foot man slammed his car door shut and looked at me. I stood still and stared.

"How stupid are you?!" the man yelled. "Do you want to get run over?!" he asked, mad, his voice high.

"I-I'm sorry…" I tell him as I fiddle with my long hair.

"A normal person waits before they cross, making sure that the road is clear!" he yelled at me, his voice still high. 'Shame I'm not a normal person…' I thought to myself and then spoke.

"I said I was so-" That's all I could say as the drivers seat of the B.M.W open and out stepped a tall man at 6'4. Very thin, pale skin and green eyes that stood out. 'he isn't human.' I thought to myself, 'But… I have seen him somewhere… Where?' I ask myself in my head, 'Who is this person? Where have I seen him before? I know I have… haven't I? I know I have, I swear I have.' All of this ran through my mind as I watched the man step towards us.

"People like you should watch how you drive." The thin pale person told the owner of the other car, "I normal driver would watch were he was going."

"I was watching where I was going. She wasn't watching where she was going." the man told him, he seemed calmer but I knew what had slowed him of his loud wicked words. Fear. I could smell it from the mad mortal.

"It doesn't matter." the thin man told him, "You shouldn't be driving so fast. Now, she said she was sorry even though she shouldn't have to. So get in you car and go. Now." the pale man told him.

"O-okay." the once yelling driver told him and without a word, he stepped in to his car and shut the door.

I raised my eyebrow as I watched him go. Then turned back to the thin man, "Err… Thanks." I told him and looked up at his beach blond hair, it was a bit messy but it was styled. I tried to smile at him as I felt that he had just saved me from a man that looked like he was about to exploded on me.

"No problem." He told me and smiled.

"Oh!" I said fast as he smiled, I saw something… fangs.

"Yes?" he asked and raised an eyebrow, he smiled changed to a smirk.

"Nothing!" I told him, "Sorry, I have to go." I told him and walked fast to the other side of the road and along the then path.

"Need a ride?" he called to me.

"No… I'll be fine, but thank you." I told him.

"Sure?" he asked as he got in his car and started it. He drove it on the wrong side of the road to talk to my. I looked at the car as the black window rolled down. He looked at me, "Sure?" he asked again, "Where you walking?" he asked.

"Only down to 'Street Port Road' It's not far." I told him as I looked back to the road.

"I'm pasting there." he told me, "Come on, I'll give you a lift."

"Umm…" I said as I thought. I really didn't want to get in the car with this person… well, he wasn't a person. I knew what he was. A vampire. I had seen the fangs when he smiled. "Okay." I told him as I walked to the other side of the car and pulled the door open, I sat and shut the door. He looked at me and smiled again as he closed his window and drove to the other side of the road, already speeding up a little. I listened to his engine roar along not wanted to speak. Even if I had wanted to speak I wouldn't of known what to say.

"So…" he said as he turned right down 'Newland Road' he looked at me again, "How have you been, Kat?" he asked.

"What?!" I asked him fast, my eyes staring at him, "How do you know my name?!" he asked shocked. Now wishing that I hadn't of got in the car. I wanted out and couldn't.

"I know a little about you." he told me, "do you not remember me, Kat?" he asked as he looked to the road, his green eyes scanned the road signs and he turned left down ''Primrose Lane'

"How?" I asked him, sheepishly. Feeling shy. How much did he know about me? Why did he know my name?!

"Don't worry." he told me and gave a small laugh, his fangs flashed in the moonlight as he did. He drove forwards to Street Port road and slowly the car. "Number?" he asked.

"What?!" I almost yelled at him. "I'm not giving you my number!" I say and frown, "Stop the car now!"

"No." he said, he laughed.

"W-what?" I asked, "Why are you laughing at me?"

"Not your phone number…" he said and smiled, "What's the house number that you are looking for?"

"Oh…" I said to him slowly. I looked around to my shoes. Feeling very, very stupid. "Eight." I told him.

He laughed as he slowed the car more and stopped in front of a large house. "Nice place." he told me.

"Thanks… Its not mine." I told him.

"Huh?" he asked, "Why you hear then?"

"To see my father." I told him simply and open the car door, stepping out and looking back to him. "Thanks for the lift."

"No problem, Kat." He told me.

"How do you know my name?" I asked him. But I never got an answer as he smiled, closed the door I had opened and slowly pulled the car away. I watched him as he turned the car around as the road was a dead end. He drove past and beeped twice. I without thinking raised my hand and gave a small wave.