"The Clash Between the Worlds" By: Cassandra Freiborg 6/28/05

Low ceilings and high heavens,

what am I to compare these worlds,

one of demons on earth, the other of angels,

you'll never know it but I'm just one girl.

But the sky is growing darker,

the fate of my world now depends,

on whether or not heaven is forgiving,

or if hell will make amends.

Though I doubt we should be forgiven,

so much bloodshed cant be forgotten,

no wonder they call us sinners,

the whole human race has gone rotten.

Wars and plagues and murderers,

sickness, hatred, and tears,

its no wonder its no wonder that we,

became what heaven mostly fears.

We all know redemption is just a word,

faith in god was lost years ago,

when thousands of innocent people,

were slaughtered in the snow.

Its the most disturbing thing.

to watch a baby crawl too its father,

and knowing that his hands are stained,

he helped cause the slaughter.

Now war is nothing pretty,

its the most monsterous act I've seen,

but we cannot keep going forward,

if we have no recall of where we've been.

Heaven will never save us,

and hell can't hold us all,

but I cant stand the screaming;

the mournful lost spirits call.

This war between the heavens,

and the sinners may never cease,

but it will show the human race,

that we truly are a beast.