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DEDICATED AND WRITTEN TO YIN. aka switchfoot13 (i think. it could be switchfoot101. check her out, she rlz!)

I see it swiftly coming,

I know it's waiting there

The hurt, I cannot take it

The pain, I cannot bear

I know you'll have to leave me

I know I'll bleed and cry

I know that when you fade away

I'll start to slowly die

But somehow I don't get it,

The fact that this is real

And I can't drive my mind away

From things it cannot feel

I've never had this happen

And I hope it won't again

But still I hope, I pray, I plead

It won't be so bad then

I can't stay long without you

And not feel lost and cold

It's hard for me to smile alone

Like I could in times of old

So when you leave, this prayer of mine

I ask you keep with you

Help me learn to live and love

And do it all for you.


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