Holly pushed her hair back from her eyes carefully as she studied what was happening on Earth. They were at college. They were growing up. They had new friends… they had moved on. She sighed, it wasn't worth knowing these new people; it wasn't easy to see these new people without wondering how they would have seen her. What would she have been like now? It had been 2 years since she had moved up here now. She had made a few new friends up here, but calling them friends felt wrong. She didn't like the idea of that. They were Hollis, her other side of herself, Christina and her counterpart Christian and Ben/ Benicia.

They didn't mean anything to her, how could they?! She hadn't grown up with them, hadn't shared a life of fun with them and hadn't gone through anything together. They didn't mean anything to her because they lived up here and she still felt like she lived down there.

It hurt, she hurt. What was she supposed to be? What was she supposed to do? She was fed up of being here, of having people she was forced to like as friends! She turned round from her house to be confronted, as always, with Hollis. He could feel her anguish, and, as usual, had her same expression on her face.

She saw Ben running up behind him with Benicia following a few paces away. They looked exited at something. Before she had even opened her mouth, Hollis demanded them to go away. His voice was so forceful; it shook even Holly to her core. Did she have that kind of power in herself? If Hollis did, supposedly, she did too…

"Stop looking at me like that!" Hollis snapped at her when she had been staring at him for a few minutes "I don't know Holly, whatever I do isn't enough. Can't you just get used to the fact that you're never going to go down there again? This is your home now." And with that Hollis walked off.

Something inside her shattered, sending sharps through herself. She supposed Hollis was feeling the same, but he just walked away and sat some steps away, his head on his knees. She pushed her face into the brick of the wall next to her, feeling the hot tears score her face and push themselves down to the floor. How could Hollis have been so mean? He knew that she wanted to go down there, it was ingrained in him as much as the colour of his eyes or the way he could never stand still.

Someone placed a hand on her shoulder and kissed the top of her head.

"It's ok." A gentle voice whispered into her ear. It didn't sound like Hollis, but who else could it be?