Those eyes! Those EYES! They chill your spine, freeze your body. I never want to see those eyes again. The eyes that never blink. The redness. The greed. The evil. I hate those eyes.
Rejection. I think that's how it started. I was rejected. Why? I don't know. Maybe I was weird. Maybe I was mean. Whatever it was, they rejected me. I was devastated.
I would stay up during the dank stillness of the night and cry. I would wait for the dawn to bring me salvation. I would wait.
But sometimes, the dawn never came. I never saw the momentary, blinding orange light. Instead, I saw the eyes. They would grin at me maniacally. You can't escape, they would say to me. It wasn't true. I always escaped. The eyes would then flash with raging anger.
Ten more minutes, I thought, until Christ. It was that final fatal night. I was waiting for the dawn. Blood seeped through the blankets and dripped onto the wooden floor. I wanted to get away from the shrieks of laughter and stares. But dawn never came. I was surrounded by the echoes of my past.
Then, the eyes came. They appeared from the swirling darkness and laughed. There she goes, they said, drenched in blood. I was immediately overwhelmed by pain and twisted agony. Blood poured from my eyes. The eyes were right. I looked and saw. They were drenched in pure evil. I turned and ran.
They followed me. They followed me mercilessly. I stumbled and tripped.
They eyes seized their chance. They came, prepared to kill. Prepared to die. They brought the dawn. I could see it, lagging far behind, emitting streaks of orange and red. But it was too late. The knife was raised. My lips ached and I felt my heart spin out of control. The knife was brought down with such intensity; its aura blinded me. It plunged deep into the depths of my soul.


A/N: Specifics such as gender, who the "eyes" are, etc. are left out for the following reasons: One, abusers can be anyone, a parent or some other family member, a friend, a partner or some random person on the street. I thought it was better to keep this abstract. Two, I wanted the reader to figure out who the "eyes" are themselves, and whether this displays physical abuse, verbal abuse, or both. Of course, I wrote this with no specific intention in mind, so different interpretations of this are possible.

Remember though I know a lot of you have probably heard this before: If you or anyone else you know is being abused, don't just sit there. DO SOMETHING. Abuse is a serious issue that plagues the world today and most people who are abused keep quiet, preventing anyone to do anything to stop it. Trust me. I would know.

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