I love the soft, tender fullness of your lips,

And how they feel on mine.

I love watching as you take my breasts in your mouth

(After touching them in ways that leave them swollen)

And start to kiss, suck and bite all over

(Applying different amounts of pressure.)

I love how those kisses trail down,

(As your hands stimulate my body)

And your subtle attempts at teasing.

(Even though we both know you want it too bad to succeed.)

I love the way you go down on me;

The way you slide your tongue inside me and swirl,

And the way you do what you do that

Make my legs shake

And leave my body craving a deeper satisfaction.

I love the touch of your hands

(Both soft and aggressive)

As they run throughout my body,

Grab and smack my ass,

Pull my hair,

Dig down my back…

And the way your fingers feel inside me

(Driving me insane)

To the point that it is so intense,

I don't think I can handle it,

(Though it then only makes you go harder)

But at the same time,

I beg you not to stop

(Even if you show no signs that you are)

As my hands grip the sheets.


I love what you do to me.