Bleeding Hearts

Deep sorrow, painful tears,
Deepened worries, bitter fears,
You sit and stare, nothing new,
Pain eating slowly away at you.

Laughing to save face,
Not wanting to fall from grace,
I see the pain I know the fear,
Why didn't you tell me? I'm here.

Every night, for a week, a month, a year,
Who knows how long, all I know is dear,
That first cut was a real treat,
Not seeing the anguish or defeat.

I know the struggle I feel the pain,
But why did you start?
Was your world slowly falling apart?
Did that blade pierce your broken heart?

I sit and watch, not knowing you,
I feel I should have seen,
I feel I should have sensed,
What you were going through.

You hide your wrists more carefully now,
Hugging your sleeve tightly, feeling my eyes,
Does my piercing stare make you hide?
You know I will be by your side.

Bitter tears across your cheeks,
My fear that, it will end in defeat,
Walk my love towards the light,
Don't feel fear don't feel fright.

Blood in the sink, questions asked,
Denial is spoken, but how long will it last,
The cuts get deeper, the pain more real,
No longer can you hide from this ordeal.

Scars are present they never fade,
Tears are cried every single day,
You know the feeling won't go away,
For your troubles you don't have to pay.

Darkened days turn to darkened nights,
Bleeding hearts never seem to heal,
The pain runs deep, deeper than known,
But this can eventually be unsown.

You sit in the dark,
Feeling now you must play the part,
You must pick up that blade,
Watching the same scene being played.

The pain lessens, the blood flows,
I'm really sorry you're feeling these woes,
My heart bleeds like it never did,
I only wish you knew I'm not just a kid.

I know…

The sweet sensation of it cutting deep,
The head rush as the blood seeps,
The frightened glance, as it doesn't stop,
The bandaged arm and long sleeved top.

The blood stained tissue,
The blade on the floor,
The panic filling your head,
As someone knocks on the door.

Tears and blood, awful mix,
The cuts, knowing they'll never be fixed,
The pain slowly filling you,
The fright at not knowing what to do.

I know you feel the lasting sting,
When you move your arm,
When you see people don't notice a thing,
You wish they would sound the alarm.

But what harm is done,
Its not like you've come undone,
So what you cut your delicate skin,
But know it does hurt your fellow kin.

I can't speak coz I do it too,
But this life was not meant for you,
Tiny scars, some but few,
How are you going to stop, what this is doing to you?

People look, not only stare,
To be honest they don't really care,
I know life isn't really fair,
But at the end of the day you've just got to dare.

Dare to run, dance free,
Be happy and give that one person the key,
The key to your heart and everything you own,
Let them open the door to happiness that can be known.

Don't hide and shy away,
For that you will eventually pay,
With your thoughts and feelings felt,
The bad deed will ultimately be dealt.

I see the pain,
Hidden in your eyes,
You can no longer disguise,
I've finally seen through your guise.

You bring that blade to your skin,
Cutting deep, shredding fears from within,
No longer can you stop the cuts,
Deeper and deeper, you feel you must.

The fear you feel of the unknown,
You so desperately don't want to be alone,
Please don't break your delicate skin,
Realise you can heal from within.

Scars remind us that the past is real,
But there are other ways that you can feel,
I know you're in too deep,
But don't go under.

In so deep they never show,
These feelings just never go,
Pretending you don't feel this way,
Just deal and they'll eventually go away.

Let go, everyone watching you,
This awful feeling you're going through,
Turn your back, just ignore,
What people are saying you can endure.

Old tears resurface old pain is felt,
This is your own personal hell,
Tearing at your skin, scratch by scratch,
Feeling this itch you never look back.

Porcelain skin, mascara lines,
You don't feel the need to hide,
Face them all, stand tall,
Never give them grace of downfall.

On one knee, you have fallen,
Pick yourself up that someone's calling,
Wishing you would see the light,
Letting you know you're no longer stuck in night.

Like a snake it slithers down your arm,
You no longer see the harm,
Silver lines etched in red,
Wishing to fall asleep in bed.

Shadows, where the monsters dwell,
Coming, sneaking ringing the bell,
For your soul and inner light,
Feeling you can't fight this plight.

Lover's war, tempers rage,
Tears soaked right through the page,
Hidden secrets, desperate lies,
Feelings can no longer be left inside.

Banshee wail, hells fire,
In her voice you see desire,
High pitched wanting, never gained,
Lonely shiver like the cool summer rain.

Silent raindrops hit the ground,
No one can see your tainted frown,
Blood red tears seep from within,
Not knowing this is where it begins.

Back track, a week, a month, a year,
Where it all started my precious dear,
Now tell me you would start, continue on,
Letting the blade soldier on.

For in hindsight you would stop,
Knowing the pain and bubble you popped,
And these worms would never get to wriggle,
You would be happy, the same girl with a giggle.

No longer silver etched in red,
No longer tired, asleep in bed,
For the blade has no hold of you,
Just move on and start brand new.