and our hearts will beat with the strength of the morning

with the burning heat of day

whose embers flare our dreams even at night

now we have the chance to look up at the great creatures of sky

and see how brilliant we can glow

then we'll know,

we soar


the sky,

the stars,

cannot limit us.

in this chrysanthemum night, all is possibility .

the flowing blue dark hums with lingering presence of the past

awakening us to what waits in the quiet

walking in sunless night,

offbeat noises jump to our sensibilty

and glowing fungi grow at our feet

a different world,

is opening to our eyes every moment...

Who are you today?

What dance will your feet step?

your path mingles with rainbows

flowering like stars

In the day, I'm thinking of you in a field of


That surrounds me in a blushing field of purple as I strain your thoughts.

Reminding me that there is no alone

For today the world beats with it's own strong secret sacred heart.

For eternity.