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you thought high school was bad? Try dating your brother (who might I add is super overprotective of you) and having a best GUY friend named Marie.

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Chris prodded the boy that slept in his arms, whispering as loudly as you can for it to still be classified as a whisper, "Kodi, wake up." He was greeted with a slap (barely missing his eye) and some jumbled mumbling about five more minutes. "I gave you five more minutes," He tried to reason with his counterpart, "It's time to get up, or we'll miss the bus."

Kodi opened his eyes to glare at his twin, muttering, "It's five AM. We're not going to miss the bus."

"5:05 AM," Chris corrected, grinning brightly at the other. Kodi just continued glaring; a pout would be his face, if he wasn't still groggy. "Aww, don't look at me like that, at least I don't wake you up when I get up," He said, kissing Kodi's cheek gently.

Kodi shifted his position to snuggle closer to Chris, muttering, "If you woke me up at four AM I'd kill you." He then rested his head on Chris' chest, smiling into the fabric of his twin's shirt.

"Kodi, get up, stop cuddling, up, up, up, up," Chris said, prodding Kodi trying to get the smaller of the two to get up... or acknowledge his presence.

He got the later half first when Kodi kissed his lips lightly before groaning and rolling off the bed to go trudge off to the bathroom. Chris sat up, already dressed for their first day of high school. His feet hit the carpeting with dull thuds; he stretched his arms above his head, getting a tad aroused at the sound of the shower turning on.

Kodi opened the bathroom door, leaning against the door frame, an irritated look on his face. "Chris. What did you do with the soap?" He asked, glaring at the extremely aroused Chris. Kodi was of course standing there undressed. Chris had that stupid smirk on his face. Kodi pushed himself off the door frame and made his way back to the bed they shared. He sat down in Chris' lap, before saying quietly, "Alright, I'll play along. What do I have to do to get the soap back?"

Chris chuckled, burying his head in the crook of Kodi's neck, "You have to do whatever I want tonight." There was a wicked gleam in his eye, pity it was still too dark to really see anything.

"Is that all?" Kodi asked in surprise, obviously expecting something different. Chris nodded. "I agree, now give me the soap."

Chris grinned cheekily, whispering into Kodi's ear, "I hid it."

"I know that you... you... I'm not good at insults in the morning, get me the soap," Kodi said, pushing Chris away from himself.

"You have to give me a kiss first."

"I didn't agree to that!" Kodi fumed, glaring at Chris once more before leaning down and pecking him on the lips. "Happy?" He asked, standing up. He pulled Chris up with him, "Get the soap."

Chris chuckled gently as he pulled the soap out of the drawer of the nightstand.


Naperville Central High School wasn't as close to the twin's house as the Junior High. They were building Miro High School for the Gifted, and planning on opening it quite soon, very close to the twins' neighborhood (which was named Millbrook). 'They' were building Miro High School (for the Gifted!) based on the fact that Naperville was overpopulated and Naperville Central High School was overcrowded. A little less than one fourth of Naperville Central High School was going to be busted into Miro High School for the Gifted, once it was open.

On the bus Kodi and Chris sat in the first free seat, in the middle of the bus. Kodi frowned at he looked around. Marie wasn't on the bus.

"His mom decided that his dad shouldn't be lazy and forced him to drive Justin to school this year," Chris said, yawning.

Kodi stared at Chris in wonder, "One, since when do you talk to Marie? Two, you know he doesn't like being called Justin."

"I feel weird calling him Marie," Chris muttered, leaning against the bus seat, ignoring all that was around him and staring intently at Kodi who was frowning now.

Kodi stomped on Chris' foot, something he had started doing whenever he was annoyed with the other. "You didn't answer my other question," He hissed out.

Chris wrinkled his nose in annoyance, finally replying, "Me and Justin talk every now and then, nothing big. It's not like we're best buddies."

"That's a scary thought," Kodi mused to himself, "You and Marie as best friend. I can't picture it."

"Hey Chris!" A girl called out as she walked down the aisle. She plopped down in a seat next to theirs before continuing, "What classes do you have?" Chris just handed her his schedule, seeing as talking wasn't a thing he was big on lately. She scanned it a few times, sighing. "Looks like we only have gym together. Shit, and you won't even be doing anything! That's so not fair, I wish I could just sit out and get an A," She growled, handing him back the schedule.

"Pity," He replied offhandedly, not glancing back at the girl, instead looking up front trying to judge how long it would take to get to the school. Kodi looked questioningly at the girl. "Oh," Chris said in shock, "Yeah, Kodi this is Michelle, Michelle this is Kodi. I met Michelle after you were in the hospital..." He trailed off, once again looking up front.

"Nice to meet you," Kodi said just loudly enough for her to hear. Michelle smiled brightly at him.

"I didn't know you had a twin brother," She said.

"Yes you did, you just forgot," Chris replied, not looking at her. Kodi laughed softly.

That's how the rest of the bus ride went, Chris either being completely rude to Michelle or ignoring her, Kodi being, well, Kodi, and Michelle trying to make friendly conversation.

Luckily, the bus driver didn't believe in staying on or bellow the speed limit and the awkward 'conversation' was put to a halt within a matter of minutes as they arrived at school. Every student scrambled off the big yellow thing called a bus, even though it was a more golden colour than a real yellow...

After first period every student had to go to home room. Someone thought it would be awesome to fuck everyone up and get a class in and then stick home room in randomly in between first and second period.

Seeing as Chris and Kodi had the same last name, they ended up in the same home room (go figure.). But let's rewind to first period, considering some interesting events happened. Kodi had theatre while Chris had gym/health class. First period was the only class they didn't have together that whole year.

Let's see what happened to Chris first, shall we?

Well, Chris was sitting in the gym like the good little anti-social boy he was, when a senior (who was like a TA, teachers assistant, for the class) walked over to him. "Chris?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Who wants to know?" Chris asked, looking up at the senior.

The senior smirked and knelt down across from Chris, whispering roughly, "I hear you and your brother fuck each other."

"Oh really now?" Chris asked nonchalantly, his face was quite blank.

The senior nodded, answering, "Yeah—"

He was of course cut off boy Chris saying just as casually, "And you came over here to make sure your sources were correct. I don't have anything to say to you."

The senior continued, not backing down, "Since you two clearly aren't fucking each other, I think I'll take Kodi for a little ride down to my house, and screw him until he can't think straight." Chris' eye twitched. Chris cannot be held responsible for his actions when his eye twitches. The senior chuckled, noticing the twitch; he stood up, still sniggering as he walked off.

The rest of that class Chris was in a very bad temper, even though he took his meds that day.

Now let's see what ensued with Kodi...

Kodi walked in to trailer number Six. Quite a few other students were there, including Marie who was attempting to melt the chalkboard (yes, it was an actual chalkboard, not a dry erase board) with his laser vision. Marie instantly looked away from the chalkboard to smile stiffly at Kodi. Kodi sat down next to Marie. There were no desks, and the teacher was evidently not in the classroom.

Marie sighed, resting his head on Kodi's shoulder. "You get to meet my boyfriend," He murmured as a brown haired Junior walked in.

"Since when have you had a boyfriend?" Kodi asked eyebrows raised, he looked at the Junior that walked in. Dai Daniel Dethmar. He was infamous for being a player, if you will. Rumors had been that he had finally settled down and gone steady with... someone.

Marie gave a soft laugh, answering quietly, "I told you about the fact that I was going on a date with a guy in eighth grade a day or two before you were in the hospital. Well, that same guy is my boyfriend and has been for a few months."

Dai yawned as he made his way over to the chairs, the seniors in the class greeted him and he just nodded in reply.

"Hey Dai," One senior called out, "Why you going over there with those freshmen?"

"One of them's my boyfriend," Dai replied drowsily, plopping down in a seat next to Marie.

Kodi stared blankly at Dai, mouth hanging slightly open. Marie instantly switched from resting his head on Kodi's shoulder to resting it on Dai's shoulder. Quite a lot of eyes were on Dai and Marie now.

The teacher eventually came in, and did the usual talking about rules and what not. Most of the class wasn't focused on her, they focused on Dai and the fact that a freshman was basically sleeping on him.

And now onto home room, Marie did not have a last name that started with a letter even remotely close to 'S', so he was of course not in the room that Kodi and Chris were in. Chris got to the class first, sitting down in the middle row. There were two desks joined together so Kodi sat in the one next to him.

"You look like you're going to be sick," Chris commented after glancing briefly at Kodi.

Kodi shook his head, muttering, "No, it's just Marie is with Dai Dethmar." Chris raised an eyebrow in interest and surprise.

All conversation was stopped, however, when a sour looking teacher walked in.


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