Author's Note:

The Angst Whore: THERE WILL BE SECKZ. Eventually. In the next story, if there is one. And if Rooney Ray and I ever finish the junior year one... there will be sex in that.

Kelli: I'll post the link in my profile... even though I feel a tad weird about doing that. Haha. Oh and I must mention-- Chris does not have a tattoo. Thank you.

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Yorba Linda: Mmm. Sex.

SugarCoatedWalnut: hehe. Schlong. Yeah, there will be a Tenth Grade. w00t or something.

sparklingGoddess: I can't stay mad at my sister, even though she can be so annoying. I'd love to have a boyfriend like yours. Aww. I'd love to have a boyfriend or girlfriend period, though.



Luckily the video footage never did publicly make an appearance at Naperville Central High School. But that didn't stop people from noticing how Chris was more touchy-feely with Kodi than anyone else. But at that point, people didn't really care. So, yay for everyone.

Kodi and Chris had sex as much as possible, seeing as it was a good pastime. Chris kept his sexy abs and Kodi stopped growing at the height 5'8" (and Chris grew to be 5'11"). Marie dyed his hair twelve times during the course of the second semester (and painted his bedroom red, then green, and then blue...).

Everyone that was mentioned in the story passed. Even Rob. Which was a shock to nearly everyone. Wait, I lied. Jim and Joe (or at least I think that's their names. I'm used to just calling them Friend Number One and Friend Number Two) both failed. But everyone else mentioned passed, with the exception of Brent of course. You kind of have to show up to school to pass, and seeing as he was in jail he couldn't do the first to get the second.

Anyway, Marie lost the big 'V'(1) to Dai on New Year's day (isn't that sweet?). And both couples stayed together for the rest of the school year, through the summer and into tenth grade...



(1) I'm going to die if you don't know what that means.

Author's Note: I like how I wrote part of this (I made most of this up while I was typing it up) before I wrote Chapter 15. (I like how both my author's note is longer than the epilogue...)

I'll get the first chapter of Tenth Grade out as soon as soon as I get back from St. Louis (which is Tuesday, the 26th. But I may sleep as soon as I get home...).