in unfading glow words gleam

blink and refuse to be satisfied

until stories in unaltered entirety

drip from my flying fingertips

without analyzing the sound

pressure releases in a moment

ears waiting for advice will receive

new strains of utter humility

instead of flying above the fray

I am not so invulnerable

like you, emotions lying deep

like you, tears streaming into a sea

like you, those unmentionable wounds

somehow ache on without mention

until now, if the courage sustains

they always ask what is best

believing I've undeciphered it all

a labyrinth solved within my eyes

while supported by my strength

ceaseless questions never start

neither understanding nor recognition

I cannot balance unheld forever

but supposed perfection fills their view

finished letters meet death in delete

even though I crave confession

this longing will never be fulfilled

curse and wish away this fear

of exposing myself as flawed

someone with need of another

the words disappear into nothing

the armor forms its shape once more