What If?

What the hell am I doing? You've asked yourself that before, haven't you? I can see it in your eyes. You've done something and now you know you can't change it. It was a mistake, wasn't it? You didn't mean it. If you could go and do it over, you would.
But you can't. Its too freaking late, the boat's gone, oppertunity's passed. You took the one you thought was right. But it wasn't. So what the hell do you do? Do you spend everyday thinking What if...? No, you can't. Life's too short.
Life's the longest thing you'll ever do, but its too short to dwell on What ifs...Because one day you'll wake up, ready to die, with nothing to show for the time you've had here. No stories to tell anyone, no friends, you'll lie there, dying and you'll realise there's nothing you can do.
And it'll be another what if?
Well, don't quit because of one bad decision. There's more choices in life. Go out, make some of your own. Just don't, I beg you, don't spend your life wondering what if?
Because you'll end up as unhappy as me. I don't want that to happen.

But what if it does?