Beneath your mighty wings I cower

As you spread mine to fly

And I fly but quickly I fall so fast

Weighted down by doubt

Of your gift, my ability

Your touch on my face

Begging me to let go of worry

Or fear and skepticism

"My little skeptic"

I know I am Doubting Thomas

But there is no denying the flickering of my blindness

I shall see you soon, but you see

You watch me as I play among the sylphs

Because you have given me your blessing


We make you cry when we destroy ourselves

But let me wipe away your tears for once mother

Because your tissue grass cleaned mine

Dear Goddess




Loving what I believe is me

I believe in your visitation

How you asked me to dance

Never could I turn you down


I feel you healing me

You take my pain

And you replenish me


I pray

Hold me close and help me see

Once I am ready let it flow

And all this in your name

Blessed Be