Childhood Memories


Have you ever looked at anyone and asked to yourself, "What are they waiting for in life?" We all have goals that we set for ourselves that we want to accomplish, but what is to become when those goals are finally achieved? And what is the greatest goal we wish to achieve? Do we all want to be fit and healthy? Do we all want riches? Or could it be love . . .

Love . . . the four-letter word that practically everyone wishes to experience but rarely speaks of in public. Is that what we are all waiting for? Could it possibly be that throughout our lives, we all wish to be in someone's arms, in their embrace, planting kisses on their face? We all want that feeling of belonging, no matter how we were brought up as a child. Despite all the different experiences we have all had, we all long for the same feeling of finally meeting the one you want to spend your days with in eternal happiness. But has it ever occurred to you that everyone has been waiting for that special someone at some point, if not their entire life?

Look at those around you now and think of what they long for. A bright future is something we all would like, but is it not true that we all wish to have someone special to share it with? Deep within, 'falling in love' is our ultimate goal. It is the goal all wish to finally cross off our "To Do List" before we are to leave this earth. But moving on, what are the stages of this longing?

Innocent love – the type of love we have as children in which we care for someone deeply, excluding relatives. Perhaps you have experienced this, perhaps not. But this is where my story begins. We begin with my childhood memories in which I cared for a boy who I wished to spend the rest of my years with, and surprisingly, I was able to realize it as well, despite my young age.