Kremlin Dusk

I walk along

On a secluded beach

Sand and stone

Are the only things I see

And now I know

What I've been searching for

My Lenore

As once told by Edgar Allen Poe


Will you come


I'm calling you

Calling you home

Oh won't you please come home

I'm calling you

Calling you home

Now I see

What this life has meant to me


This kremlin dusk is always over me

I'm empty

Lost inside a pool of tears

Hold me dear

I've found what I am search for


I'm searching for

Searching for a home

Will I ever find this home

I'm searching for

Searching for a home

I am an innocent bystander

Aren't' we all holding pieces of

Unacquainted love

If I die tonight will you remember

Who I was

Who I was

I am alone

Have lost sense of direction

Everyone's gone

There must be deflection

Lost in myself

This nightmare never ending

Do you comprehend the message I am sending

A kremlin dusk

Hangs above my head

That is enough

This is all I have said


I'm going home

Going home

Chobi: Here's a little song I wrote. Hope you liked it. There's no actual chorus but the pattern goes verse/chorus/verse/chorus/verse/bridge/bridge/bridge/semi-chorus