Chapter 1

A portal was opened a long time ago, before anything was created. Things living there were

monsters, demons, angels, and chorbiis. then suddenly the portal closed and the monsters and

demons were sucked up and were locked into a place what was called Hell . The angels flew

upwards and formed a place called Heaven. There was only one thing...What happened to the

chorbiis? The chorbiis were left between Heaven and Hell.

Somehow the portal was breaking a -little- apart. There were stones flying out of the crack.

The stones were powerful. Monsters and demons were after these powerful stones to increase

their power. This continued until the 21st century. The stones were

flying everywhere!

One day it was flying towards a car and a demon was after it. The demon attacked the car and

wanted to get its hands on the stone, but before it reached the stone. The stone went into a

baby girl's forehead and it had this powerful light and it destroyed the demon. Two chorbiis

passed by and picked the baby girl up, she was sleeping. They walked to a house and and left

the baby on the doorway with a few pieces of paper. They rang the doorbell and disappeared.

A woman, a blind woman, came and answered the door, but she didn't feel or hear anything,

but her son said,"Mother! There's a baby on the doorway!"

They went to the doorway -which wasn't really far- and picked up the baby. The mother who

was holding the baby said loudly with a great deal of excitement,"I can see again! Look Hiro! I

can see agian!"

The young boy of the age of two answered,"It must be this baby. It must be! let's keep her!

Let's keep her, Mommy! i always wanted a sister! Please!"

"Hiro. Calm down. let's see what these papers say," said the mother picking up the papers and

she read,"This baby girl will have and already has a lot of misfortune in her life. In about sixteen

years a boy and a girl will come and bring this unlucky child home and where she belongs.

Please whoever you are take good care of her. You'll find her birth certificate in this pile of

paper. All she has with her right now that she can own from her dead parents is this bell. Keep

it safe. Thank you."

"Where's the birth certificate?" asked Hiro looking at his mother with the baby girl in his hands.

"Let me see...Here it is. Let's take a look...Her name is Mizuki Amazan Ling. Her orgins are

from China and she only have a mom, a dad and a sister ...That means she an orphan...if we

don't keep her..." said the mother sadly.

"Can we still keep her? I desperately want a sister! Please!" exclaimed Hiro.

"Alright. We'll keep her for the night and see what we can do in the morning." answered Hiro's


They walked into the house. Hiro was all excited. He was sent to sleep with the baby girl in his

room, since there wasn't any bed form her yet.

In sixteen years, there came a boy and a girl to the door of Mitso's, Hiro's mother, house. The

girl rang the doorbell and waited. Mitso came and answer the door and said,"Hello there how

can I help you?"

"I came to see Zuki. Ms.Mitso." said the girl at the door.

Mitso asked curiously,"How do you know my name? Who are you? What do you want from


The girl answered,"I'm Kigami and this is Gazon, my future husband. I'm Zuki's big sister. i

heard that my parents died in a car accident when Zuki was a little baby..."

"Where were you? Just for the curiousity." interupted Mitso with a puzzled look.

"I was away in another country. I only got to know the news from my parents' assistance last

week, where I met him at the Japanese airport..." answered Kigami crying at the same time.

"Isn't the assistance suppose to tell you after your parents' funeral -which I was the only person

who attended besides the assistance- ceremony? Why did he tell you last week?" asked Mitso.

"Because he couldn't find me. I only saw him last week at the Japanese airport." answered

Kigami cleaning her eyes.

Then Zuki came to the door and looked at the two strangers and said,"Hi." to them and

asked,"Mom, who are these people? Have I seem you somewhere before?"

"She says...she's your sister nad her name is Kagami. That's Gazon beside her, your future

brother-in-law," said Mitso breifly introducing them to Zuki

"I have a sister?! Right! I do have a sister! I saw somewhere...where did I see it...?" said

Zuki thinking hard.

"Oh! She was in that family picture at your parents' funeral -which I was the only person who

attended besides the assistance- when you were about nine months old! I remember now!"

exclaimed Mitso remembering.

Zuki immediately hugged her sister and brought her into the house. Kigami said to Zuki,"Happy

16th birthday." patting Zuki's head.

"Come and cut the cake with me." answered Zuki happily.

They cut the cake and celebrated Zuki's 16th birthday. Kigami and Gazon stayed at Mitso's

house for that night.

The next day was the first day of school at the VCM Academy. Zuki and Hiro goes to the same

school. This morning Zuki left to school without her brother, Hiro. -That's strange. She never

leaves without her brother for school. Something must have happened.- Zuki was walking to

school with her sister, Kigami, and her future brother-in-law, Gazon. Kigami asked Zuki while

they were walking,"You know i'm not your sister? Right? Your sister died in that accident."

"Yes I do, but I want you to be. I never had a sister so...I don't really mind and care if you are

or not on this side of the world." answered Zuki clodly.

They walked to school together and then seven people went around Zuki and said

loudly,"Happy Belated Birthday! You 16 year old teen!"

Zuki thanked the seven people and said to her 'sister',"These are my friends.The blond is Kiko,

the blue head is Rica, the pinkish orange is Viki, the bronze head is Afrik, the bright orange is

Cilum, the red head is Thory, and finally the green and black hair guy is Tayoshi, but people call

him Yoshi."

Zuki wanted to introduce her 'sister' and her future 'brother-in-law' to her friends. Hiro ran in

and knocked Zuki on the back of her head and said," Why didn't you wait for me?!"

Zuki turned and rolled up her wrist band on her right arm and said in a very scary way,"Because

you overslept and you were too lazy to get off your bed! So I left without you and walked with

my sister! You dummy!"

Zuki's friends stared at her in a surprised look and said together,"You had a sister!? We thought

you were an orphan adopted by Hiro's family?"

"I had a sister. i only saw her once and I was only 9 months ld! So eave me alone!" said Zuki

bring back her wrist bands to their proper position, on the wrist. The bell rang and everyone

went to the Class Organization Board.