I thirst for knowledge.
I hunger after wisdom.
I seek the old ways of years long past.

I want to put down roots in the good earth
and draw up magick from the depths.

I thirst for clarity.
I hunger after focus.
I seek the new ways of years to come.

I want to grow slim white branches
and stretch up to the everchanging sky.

I thirst for light.
I hunger after warmth.
I seek the ways of the spinning year.

I want unfurl green and shining leaves
and soak up the gift of the sun.

I thirst for change.
I hunger after variety.
I seek the ways of the here and now.

I want to sway and rustle on cool breezes
and bend in the gale force winds.

I thirst for time.
I hunger after patience.
I seek the ways of the trees.

I want to grow forever and always
on the good earth,
beneath the high sky,
nourished by the warm sun,
and learn from the fickle wind.