Box of Sadness

An open toy-box,

A dusty room.

An attic haven

Silent years.

Love and tender

Cared for once

Lost and hateful

Not seen since

Forgotten memories

Remembered soon.

A broken play-box

Music croons

Eerie silence

One note pings

Gears start turning

Rusted shut

Dancer turning,

Music box.

Hanging bunny

One ear stuffed

Swinging slowly

Small, sad wink

Fraying stitches

Once was loved

Sadness, sleeping

One eye glows.

Sandbox waterfall

Plastic cracked

Dry and arid

Once was wet.

Buried deep down

Bottom lost

Sharp rocks soften

Endless drop.

Snowfall treetops

Flower grows

Flaming forest

Turns to dust.

Small, grim angel

One wing lost

Hanging limply

Caught on hook.

Dusty glass doll

Hair cut short

Lying helpless

Clothes are torn.

Flutter dragonfly

Sprinkling dust.

Glimmer shimmer

Glitter lust.

Plastic peaches

Glowing stars

Bird in cages

Holes escape.

Screaming silence

Tears of plush

Gruesome childhood

Long forgot.

An open toy-box

A dusty room

Door stays locked up

All these years

Keeps in sadness

All these fears.

Lost, begotten

Flowing tears

The laughing children

No one hears.