it seems everyone around me

carries brightly-wrapped packages

glittery boxes with red ribbons curled

in adoration of God they offer their best

smiles, joys, earthly success escape

their containers, spilling glowing rivers

upon the steps to God's majestic heart

I tremble, small trunk in hand, not nearly

as beautiful as the others, not special

empty of glory and prestige, not of song

but of sighing and streams of sadness

if all I have to offer Him is sorrow

let me give it to Him as a treasure

for He is the one who bottles my tears

if all I can give is each moment of pain

bearing up in its midst due to His love

then may it cost my last vestige of strength

climb into the Father's lap, lay my head down

soon all I see is the splendor of kindness

rainbows shot through vials of weeping

this is what it means to sacrifice everything

to hide nothing, to make of my heart

perservered sweetness of the winepress