Emancipation Obliteration

So close but so far away

And I can't wait for the day

When you'll be gone

Because, maybe then, I'll finally move on

You say his name and it breaks my heart

And my soul is torn all apart

I can't describe

This feeling inside

All I know is that fate crossed a line

And that you will never be mine

I tried to explain

My pain

But you were numb and blind to me

A solution that will never be

And it hurts when you speak

For I know your words are the only part of you I'll ever keep

Shallow and empty

Broken and lonely

Holding on by the thinnest of string

Destroyed by even the simplest things

I'll never feel your lips; I'll never hear your voice

I haven't got a chance; Don't even have a choice

Your arms won't warm my skin

Your innocence won't hide our sin

And those waves will forever keep us apart

Even when your next to me, love cannot start

I die

When I look you in the eye

And see, not my own reflection

But the shadows of misconception

And, I'll never be more in your perfect eyes

I'll never be we: Just you and I

But, this is not something I'm prepared to take

When there's so much more that I can create

There's so much more

There's so much more

But, you cannot be more than a pretty dream

And it's this fact that makes me scream

I died


Those nights I cried

So hard I tried

But oceans divide

I hold the sin

Against my skin

And the blood will pool around my head

Full of thoughts that I dread

I can't stand to be alone anymore

Lay with me here on this splintered floor

Let the wood sink in as my love would do

If you could only just allow it to

But this is something that only seems

To be a reality inside my dreams

Fourteen minutes till Judgement Day

Who is it that will love you when it's time to pay?

I guarantee

That he

Will leave you alone

But I'll be waiting forever just like a stone

And, should that time come sooner or should it come late

I will still be here. I will still wait

Because my love runs deeper

Than a widowed weeper

Because, love you till the day I die, I promise I will

And, as the worms feed on my flesh, I will continue to love you still