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User: 10ille387 (3618047)


Name: Tenille


Location: :-P , Kansas , United States

Birthdate: 1987 - 02 - 14


Bio: By the time anyone reads this, probably, I will be 16, as indicated by my birthdate above. I live with both parents in no-where, Kansas, USA, and I dream of getting the hell out of here once I graduate High School in two and a half years. I'm a Sophomore this year at one of the two local HS's and I can't wait for it to end. I have no romantic attachments to speak of, but I do have a dog named Herman (after Herman Melville). No siblings, but I do have a live-in grandmother that's sort of like having a younger sister. Other than that, I participate in arts-y stuff in my spare time and like to relax with cartoons, national and international. Batman and Ronin Warriors are my favorite. Read my journal if you want, leave comments if you feel like it, but don't expect me to update this thing often.

Interests: writing , painting , cartoons , Batman , drawing , Ronin Warriors , Anubis/Cye ,

Animaniacs , Fruits Basket , Mabudachi Trio , Yuki , reading , field hockey , InuYasha , Miroku/Kagome , Sesshoumaru/Kaogome , InuYasha/Kouga , InuTaisho , comics , manga , anime , yaoi , alternate pairings , Rurouni Kenshin , Battosai/Megumi , Sanosuke/Kaoru , Sanosuke/Saito , YuYuHakusho , Kurama/Kagome , Hiei/Boton , Ranma ½ , Ryouga/Female Ranma , P-Chan , X-Men , Wolverine/Rogue , Scott/Rogue , Nightcrawler/Storm , etc.

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Date Created: 2002 - 02 - 10

Date Updated:2002 - 02 - 10

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