Synopsis:Jason's Dad is a nerd basement workshop inventor. What is this new machine he has invented. Jason and Tommy just have to mess with it. But when little Lisa gets her hands on a portable version watch out! Book 1 of a series.

(updated, re-written version 9/9/99 rewritten again 6/2005,

(Chapter One re-edited and extensively re-written by Caleb Jones from the story originally written and created by Brad Foster with his permission to continue the saga past the first chapter.)

Body Switched - Book 1

By Caleb Jones

Chapter One - It works!

"What the hell are you doing in my room, snot-breath?", my sister screamed at me, like usual.

"Sorry I was just looking for something."

"Well, get the hell out, you little shit!"

I quickly darted out of her room, hearing something hit the door as I slammed it closed behind me. Boy was she pissed. I was just looking for my Star Wars magazine. Sisters can be a real pain in the butt sometimes. Especially older ones. Always bossing you around and crap like that. If I were the oldest, I would never treat her like that! After venting my frustration in a silent scream, I went down into the basement to see what my father was up to.

My dad's a scientist or something like that. It really annoys me because he's a real loser. He almost never goes out on dates or even out with other guys. He always making some crazy ass invention that never works. He got lucky in his twenties when he created something that made it easier to pump gas and got rich enough to never need to do real work again, with the royalties he gets. But he thinks he's this "great inventor" now and always works on "something the world has never seen." Like, now he's putting together a "Mind Transfer" devise. It's supposed to switch peoples brains so they can see what it would be like to be in the body of another person. I mean, what a load of crap! One body or another, you'd still be you, right? You bet I'm right!

When I got downstairs, my dad was working on the machine like usual. It looked like two port-a-potties connected by some wires with a lot of other crap connected to it.

"So how's it going, Dad?", I asked, pretending that I gave a damn.

"Pretty well actually, Jason. I think it's about ready for testing but I can't find the proper subjects. Would you like to try it with me, son? Would you like to be your old man for a day?" he asked...

"I think I'll pass, Dad. So how does this thing work"

"It's simple! All you have to do is have one person get in one of the stalls and the other person enter the other one. There is an activation button inside that you press. After that the mind actually leaves its body and enters the other body. Meanwhile, the reverse happens to the other subject..." he explained. Borrrrrrrring!

"Yeah, that's nice dad, but I've got to get to Tommy's house. See ya!" I said as I left the room.

"Damn kids never give a damn about what I do", he mumbled to himself. "As long as I put food on the table, that's all that matters to them..."

When I got to Tommy's, I told him about my dad's machine. "What a load of sht!", he laughed.

"That's what I said!" I told him.

"But it would be pretty cool though! I mean, like, what if you switched bodies with a girl. Like, I mean you would see them undress. It'd even be better than being invisible! You couldundress them yourself, with their own hands! You could see boobs whenever you wanted just by looking down and even touchthem! That would really kick ass, as long as it was only for an hour or two." He paused a moment in thought.

"Well, maybe a day or two would be ok... I wouldn't want to be stuck as a girl forever, of course." A big smile appeared on his face. Tommy talked a good game, but I knew he had only begun dating recently and had never even seen a live girl naked yet.

Now that I thought about it, it was a pretty interesting idea at that. But I still didn't think I'd want to be a girl.

"Yeah that's a real great idea!" I said, in sarcasm. But thinking about it, I might not mind at all if Tommy became a girl! "YOU can be the girl! Maybe you'd need some help exploring your new female body!"

"In your dreams, dude! Man, shut up! I was just playing with you. Hey, did you find my Star Wars magazine?", Tommy asked.

"No, I tried to look for it in my bitchy sister's room but she kicked me out. I guess she was her time of the month or something."

"Damn it, Jason! I really wanted to read it. Hey, you should switch places with your sister. That would be cool!", he suggested. "She would sure be a lot more likeable with your mind inside her, and you could give me my magazine back!"

"I don't think so, Tommy. I don't want to be a girl, and especially NOT my creepy sister!" I said.

"So what? Come on, Jason, you'd be a hot girl", he joked gleefully.
" Helllllllllllllllll no!"

"Fine, be a pussy", he teased.

"Hey man, I'd HAVE a pussy if I did what you're telling me to do." I joked.

"True..." he said laughing. "Hey, you wanna go check out the machine?"

"Why, I've already seen it." I asked.

"Well, I haven't! Iwanna check it out", he said.

"Ok, I guess so. There's nothing else to do."

So we went to my house. It's not a real long walk. Tommy lives just 3 houses down from me.He's pretty much the only kid my age in my entire neighborhood. So we constantly hang out together. All the other kids that live around here are my sister's age, or little kids around my other sister Lisa's age.

As I said before, my older sister's name is Jennifer. She's 17 years old and goes to high school with me, but I'm a freshmen and she's a senior. She never wants me to be around her.

All the guys at school like Jenny because she's got both beauty and brains. It's too bad she got an ego to match! Not to mention the long blonde hair, and blue eyes! She's about 5'8, and 34C cup size boobs. At least that's what her bras say when it's time for me to do the laundry. T

Tommy is always saying how hot she looks. I guess I'd have to say she's really pretty if I pretend she is a girl I don't know, but I mean, she's my sister, what more can I say? When we finally arrived at my house, Jenny was on the phone as usual, probably with some guy trying to get a date with her.

"Hey Jenny, where the hll is that Star Wars magazine? Tommy wants it back." She ignored me and kept on talking to the phone.

"Hey bitchy woman, where's my magazine?" I asked, starting to get pissed off.

"Excuse me for a sec..." she said to whoever was on the phone.

"What the hell do you want, twerp?"

"Where the hll is my magazine?", I asked again, now that I had her attention.

"I don't know. I think I saw dad with it. Why don't you check downstairs. Now leave me alone!" she said, as she stormed out of the living room with the portable phone to get some privacy.

"Bitch." Ithought to myself. After looking through her mess upstairs, I decided to check in the basement for it. When Tommy and I got downstairs, I didn't see the magazine anywhere. Then we heard a girl talking in one of the stalls of Dad's machine.

"She must be inside..." I whispered to my buddy Tommy.

"What is she doing in there", Tommy asked.

"My guess isshe wantedprivacy. Like we'd ever let that happen..." We smiled at each other gleefully at the thought of teasing my sister.

"Hey look, there it is!" Tommy pointed out a magazine which was on an armrest in the other stall.

"I'll get it, Tommy. I don't want you near the machine. Dad would kill me if you were to break his latest experiment!" I said softly as I walked toward the stall. As I grabbed the magazine I noticed the inside of the stall. There were a ton of buttons in there. It was assweet as the inside of a brand new fancy car. I stepped inside and looked around. It was kind of small to be standing up. That was probably why there was a seat. So there wasn't much room. When I turned around, I banged my elbow on something. It stung like a bee sting. I slumped into the seat. Then the machine activated.

It started making weird noises and stuff. There was a strange glow around me. After a few seconds, the lights dimmed down again and I could see clearly once more. I noticed that I was now holding a phone in my hand. I heard a voice.

"Jenny? Jenny, are you alright...?" You would think Tommy might be a little more worried a little about me than my sister. Then I realized it wasn't Tommy, it wassome guy on the phone calling her name.

I dropped the phone.

I felt really strange, and I smelled funny. My lips seemed to taste like fruit for some weird reason. I looked down at myself.

I was NOT myself. I was Jenny!!!

I reached out and touchedthe unfamiliar tits pushing out the shirt she had been wearing from my chest. I could feel a bump in the center of the breast. Thanks to Dad's Playboys, I could guess what the little bumbs were! When I touched my new nipple, a wave of pleasant sensation came over me. It felt so wonderful.


I heard a guy scream! His voice sounded familiar but I couldn't place it for a second. Then I knew who it was. It was MY voice!

But my mouth was closed! I quickly came back to my senses and ran out of the stall. The jiggling of my new boobs felt so incredibly strange and odd and yet... nice. I could tell I had some sort of bra on around my upper chest restraining them from more active bouncing.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Jenny screamedlooking down at my bodyafter she looked over at me inside hers.

"I...I...I think we switched bodies, Jenny. It must be Dad's new machine." I said in my new soprano voice. It somehow sounded so much softer and nicer with me using it. But MY voice now sounded angry and well, bitchy...

"Hell no. HELL NO!!! This is not happening! It CAN'T be happening! How on earth did we switch bodies? It's not possible?" she said, trembling inside my younger body as she saw the proof that it could indeed happen standing right in front of her!

"Didn't Dad ever tell you about his "Mind Transfer" devise?" I asked.

"No" Her voice, or rather, my voice, said with a tinge of fear in it.

I looked over and saw Tommy looking at me with the strangest expression on his face. "Jennifer? Jason, is that really you in there?" he asked.

"Yes." For some ungodly reason, I was starting to cry. "This can't be happening to me. Dad's stuff never works right... I feel very strange. I think I'd rather not be you,Jenny..."

Just then,our father and our younger sister, Lisa, walked down. "What on earth are you three doingnear my machine?" he asked. "Can't you see I am running tests on it."

"DADDY! It's me! Jennifer! Me and Jason switched bodies! You've got to help me! Change us back!" she pleaded.

My dad was dumbfounded. "You mean it works? It actually works!" he said, with an oddsmile starting to spread across his face.

"Yes it works! ALL too well! Now change us back, Dad!" I begged, my voice sounding way too high to my ears.

"No, come on kids! Let me experiment with this a while! Let me study you! Please! Do it for your old Dad", he asked.

I thoughtabout it for a minute, remembering what Tommy had said earlier. Could I stand being Jenny for a while longer...

"No!" Jenny said. "I want my beautiful body back now! Jason will mess it all up while he is in there. He won't know anything about being a girl"

That clinched it for me. "I'll stay, Dad." I said. This was the perfect revenge on Jenny. I would take her life from her for awhile. Live how she lives, do what she does. Mess up her life, indeed! I'd be a better Jennifer than she ever was!

"Then it's settled then. It shouldn't take that long." Dad told us.

"How can you do this to me, Jason? Why are you doing it? Are you a pansy or something? I want my body back." she whined.

"Leave me alone... TWERP! I likethis new body. In fact I think I might want to stay this way forever!" I bluffed, trying to scare her. Did it ever work! She ran up the stairs crying, a strange yet funny sight considering it was my real body leaving the basement laboratory crying.

Confused, little sister Lisa ran up after her... sibling.

"Thanks Jason, this means a lot to me!" my dad told me. He began to check out the machine's wiring, forgetting all about the rest of us.

"Come on Tommy, let's go up to "MY" room."I said. Tommy and I walked upstairs to Jenny's room. When we went inside, Jenny was lying on the bed, still crying. "Get out of "My" room, twerp!" I screamed in my best imitation of her most demanding tones.

"I may be stuck in this ugly little body of yours, but this is still my room. Go away, you little body-thief!" she yelled back.

I grabbed her by her arm and threw her out of my new bedroom as she had so often done to me. Then I pushed Tommy inside and slammed the door behind her.

"God, that felt great!" I said with a smile. There was at least one benefit to being in my sister's bigger and taller body.

"Wow! I can't believe that's you, Jason. You're so... so... female! So... what's it like... to be a girl, I mean!"Tommy asked me.

"It actually feels great! Check it out!" I said as I started to take off my shirt.

"Oh I've been waiting so long to see this!" he said excitedly.

The buttons on the shirt were all fouled up like they were backwards or something but I finally got my sister's shirt off. I just sat on Jenny's bed with only a bra and jean shorts on. I looked down at my new breasts thrusting out of the top of the bra. I started squeezing them. "Wow! This is unbelievable! I've never feltso goodfrom just touchingmy chest before!" I said.

Tommy just stared at me in shock. "Can I touch them?" he asked. "Please!"

"Um... sure, I guess so. I mean, what's Jenny gonna do? This is my body now, not hers!" I said, with an oddly girlish giggle that made my new boobs jiggle. Tommy slowly reached for my breasts. When he finally touched them, it felt so neat. I could tell Tommy was enjoying himself. It was the first time he had ever touched a breast before.

The weird part was that the breasts he was touchingwere mine! I then realized that we had better stop before our hormones got the best of us. Tommy may not have any prior experience but he was obviously a quick learner judging by the excitement of my so very sensitive nipples under the bra, and the way my boobs seemed to be swelling with excitement! It was fun seeing what my two new body parts could do, but I wasn't ready to check out the rest of me down there just yet.

"Man, those are so cool!" Tommy said, "I wish I could switch bodies with some hot chick like you did so I can do all the things I've just dreamed about so far."

"Well who said you couldn't? Dad's machine is just waiting down in the basement! All we need is to find another girl for you." I pointed out with a smile.


After a few days of being Jennifer, I had started coming to terms with my new body. I quickly got used to being a girl. Sitting down to go to the bathroom quickly became second nature to me. Besides, the girl's bathrooms at school don't have urinals anyway, just stalls. It was still rather weird to catch the guys at school giving me the eye, or staringat my chest instead of my face,butthe attentionalso sent a thrill down my now feminine spine.

Some of thesenior boyseven hit on me, but dating a guy didn't feel right yet. I was beginning to like being looked at by guys, though. In fact, I began to have fun with it, deliberately showing off my new curves when I had a chance.

Jennifer just lurked around and acted grumpy around the house and the school. At least she was getting great grades on my tests since she had already taken the classes I had two years ago. I just tried to bluff my way through her classes. She kept asking Dad when we could switch back, but he would just grunt and say something like "Soon..."

Tommy and I were looking for someone he could switch with. He wanted to be a sexy girl around the same age as me so we could still be friends. So, I started checking out some of Jenny's friends. I had plenty of sexy girl friends to choose from, now that I was one of the more popular girls in school. There was one girl named Allison who was pretty damned hot. She even made my girl body tremble with desire whenever I saw her.

I decided she would do nicely. The next day I invited her over to my house to do homework. I already had Tommy waiting downstairs in the stall with a piece of cardboard hiding him from sight. Tommy wanted to be tied and gagged so that when they switched Allison couldn't do anything in his body. I convinced him it wouldn't help since we wouldn't be able to hide her from Dad for long in the basement, anyway. He took a sleeping pill he 'borrowed' from his parents just beforeAllison and I arrived to keep her from screaming in his body after the switch was over.

I led Allison downstairs. "What the heck is that thing, Jenny?" she asked as she laid eyes on dad's newest experiment.

"Oh that? Its just some stupid project my dad's working on. Here,have a seatin the stall there. There is a lot of cool sht in it to look at." I said.

"Ok, Jenny, sure. It does look awfully hi-tech inside!" After she stepped inside, I quickly went over to the other stall with Tommy's sleeping body inside and hit the activation button on the control panel. Then I jumped back and waited. The strange glow I remembered from before appeared again around the machine. After a few moments, it stopped...

Allison's body emerged from the stall, a bit awkward and confused.

"Tommy?" I asked Allison's body.

"Holy sht! It actually worked! It freaking worked!!!" He shouted with Allison's pretty voice.

"So how do you like your new body, Tommy?" I asked. He was already holding Allison's breasts with her borrowed hands.

"I went to sleep and woke up with THESE! You were right, Jason, this is INCREDIBLE!" he said, as he cupped his new breasts and briefly ran his hands over the curves of his new body before returning to the unfamiliar mounds of flesh bouncing softly upon his chest.

"I know. I haven't forgotten!" I smiled back, caressing my own boobs yet again. It had been half a week since I took over my older sister's body and I still had not gotten tired of the way my new body looked and felt!

Tommy sort of slipped into a trance while caressing his breasts, and then his hands roamed down the rest of his body. I decided I would let him go on with that for a while longer. As I watched him - her... I couldn't help but stare at his wonderful new female body. As the pretty girl in front of me felt herself up, I was also becoming turned on. I was getting moist down there just watching Tommy play with his tits.

Allisonwas a very attractive girl. She had long brown hair with blonde highlights, pretty blue eyes,and large-sized breasts (about the same size as Jennifer's... my breastssince the swap). Her smooth slender legs were set off nicely with a tight, skimpy, miniskirt and high heeled shoes.Tommy was now a stunning young woman.

After waiting about 10 minutes, I decided to end Tommy's fun by smacking him in the back of the head. "OW, what the fck was that for?", he asked as his breasts jiggled attractively in response to the blow.

"Sorry, pal, but you were enjoying yourself a bit too much!" I said. "So what do you wanna do now, GIRLFRIEND?"

"I don't know, Jason... I mean Jenny, how about going to the mall?" he suggested.

"I'm all up for that." I replied. The new 'Tommy' ought to sleep quietly for hours so we had plenty of time before we switched him back into his own body. We went upstairs, grabbed our purses,and left the house.

He jumped into my car, which my sister had "nicely" loaned me since she no longer had a license to drive while inside my younger body. As he got out of the car at the mall, Tommy gave everyone quite a look at Allison's panties. I had to remind him of a lesson I had learned to slide out of the car at the mall like a lady, or he would be giving a free show in that short miniskirt to everyone in the parking lot. We laughed and made sure that we had plenty of money in our purses, and off we went.

Meanwhile, as I found out later, my dad went down into the basement planning to build a miniature version of the 'mind transfer device'.

"One more connection and I've got it, thanks to Jason and Jennifer's generosity in staying switched!" he said, as he screwed the last bolt in. "There!the miniature version isfinally finished." he said to himself in the excitement. "Now all I need is a test subject." He thought for a moment. Only he and his daughter Lisa were home. But the advancement of science could wait for no man! "Lisa, could you come down here a second?"

"Sure thing daddy!" his youngest daughter yelled down the stairs. She reached the bottom of the stairs and looked up at her beloved father as he pressed the activation button on his new device. A ray of red light left the device and struck Lisa in the head. She was stunned for a brief moment but otherwise unharmed.

Then the devise, preset to swap minds with the person who held it, aimed another beam of light at his own forehead and the red light surrounded them both for just a second. Whenher father's vision focused again, he looked down at himself and was amazed at the sight. He was not who he was. He was now in the body of his six-year-old daughter Lisa staring up at his own rather giant-like body!

"Wow this is amazing", he said with Lisa's high, squeaky voice.

"Daddy, what happened to me?", he heard a very familiar male voice ask.

"Lisa, honey, my portable body-switching device works! Isn't this great?" he said with joy.

"But Daddy, I'm you, now. I don't think I like this. I feel real funny between my legs, and my back aches. I don't think I like being you!" She looked at the body that she wanted to be back inside of, and started to cry.

"Oh honey, it will be ok, don't worry. It's not gonna last long. Just until I finish with mytesting of the new device." He reached up to comfort his former self, his little girl arms not even reaching all the way around her middle-aged waist. He never realized how tall he was until now. Suddenly they heard a banging on one of the stall doors. When he opened it, he saw Tommy sitting inside.

"Tommy, what the devil are you doing down here?", he asked in his high little girl voice as he tried to help his young neighbor out of the stall, forgetting how small and weak he was inside his daughter's tiny body.

"I'll help Tommy, Daddy." He watched helplessly as a not so little Lisa took Tommy's hand and pulled him to his feet.

"My name's not Tommy. Why are you calling me that? I'm Allison, one of Jenny's friends. What's going on here? She stared down as she realized a lack of a familiar movement upon her chest. "Where the hell are my tits?" she asked.

She sat back down in the seat she had woken up in, shaken and confused, and began to cry along with the apparent father of her friend Jennifer, who was sobbing like a little girl!

Just then Jenny, still inside her brother Jason's body, came down the stairs and heard Tommy claim to be Allison. "Allison is that really you?" she asked the young boy.

Allison's nose was leaking from all the crying going on. "Sniff... sniff... Yes! At least I think so!" she replied. "You're Jenny's brother, right?"

"Oh my god! Allison! It IS you in there! How did this happen?", Jenny asked, hugging her friend.

"Your sister lead me down here, then she... sniff... told me to look at this computer stuff of your dad's, and the next thing I knew I woke up and my boobs are missing and I am stuck in this body", Allison explained.

"I'm a girl, damn it, NOT a boy!" She burst into tears again. Tommy's body hadn't cried so much since it had been a hungry little baby.

If anyone could sympathize with Allison, it was Jenny!

"I'm Jenny, Allison! Jason and I switched bodies too! So this must mean that if you are Tommy, then Tommy is you." Jenny said with a look of horror on her face. "Those sick little perverts! Who knows what they're doing in our bodies?"

"Oh my god, I can't believe this has happened to me!" Allison said, a male hand slowly reaching toward her groin in horrified curiosity.

"Hey Daddy, whatdoes this thing do?" Lisa asked, pointing the miniature mind-transfer device which she still held in her father's left hand at Jenny.

"No, Lisa, don't press that...", her father warned, but he wasn't fast enough. It was too late. She had already pressed the button and it struck Jenny. The two sisters inside the bodies of the male members of their family switched minds with each other!

"Oh great... just great! Here we go again. It was bad enough being my brother, but at least we were about the same age. Now I'm my own Daddy!" Jenny shouted. "I'm OLD and male!" she said, putting the odd device in her father's hand ona table.

"Lisa dear, hand me the device, please!" her father told her calmly from his much smaller perspective, seeing his daughter pick up the potent machine.

"NO!", she screamed! "My back feels much better and I feel a lot stronger. I'm gonna stay this way!" she yelled at them, as she ran upstairs in Jason's limber teenage body. "

"Oh hell!" her father said with Lisa's little girl voice. "This can't be good..."

End of Chapter 1