My hands withered and dry
--And sighing, I turn around to cry
As colors speed past me in one
--Following them, my eyes turn to the sun.
A swift swing of a thought, a sudden word—
--A sweeping revelation comes from the Dark Lord.
The iron curtain falls before my eyes
--Destroying the scattered mess of many lies.
I close my eyes in disbelief but truth,
--My heart beating, in search for a reliable sleuth—
To tell me, to reassure, that my road does not end
--But leads to a new one, for a journey to begin.
But the words of the Lord in the sun remain,
--Alas, I realize that His will is not a game.
Unspoken wishes and the revelation of Death,
--I willingly follow my destiny, taking a deep breath.
History is created when my world fell,
--Deep into the abyss, I stand before the gates of Hell.