Crystal clear
Is the shining sea
For those it shelters
Down below

Graceful, ageless beings
That I hear singing
Voices beckoning me
To take the plunge

Those haunting eyes
That see inside me
Are all they need to lead me on
To the depths beyond

They take my hands
I leave the sands
I will never return
To these lands

They lead me farther
Laughing, sighing
Swimming, gliding
I grip their hands, holding on for the ride

Far below I am suspended
My transformation begins
No longer completely human
I shine with an ethereal light

We surface to look upon an island,
Glowing with the setting sun
One word is spoken in my mind:

They've taken me to this magical haven
To complete my transformation
To say goodbye
And become my destiny

Now they lead me down below
To a place I've never known
Their city of unspoken beauty
Under the haven of Avalon

More join them to celebrate my becoming
They spin and glide around me
A brilliant light shines from inside me
And now I see,
I am they

My city below Avalon
Shines with purity
And forevermore I will be sheltered
By the crystal sea