Break My Back

Snap my neck and break my back
Leave me on the old train track
We used to come here when we were young
So full of hope, and highly strung

I wish i'd know the way you were
To saved me all the pain incurred
The story ends on a different note
For the two of us are still afloat,

Still as close as we were before
I opened up that fateful door
The sad thing is i cannot stop
To realise that i cannot stop

To love you like i did back then
But just tonight i take my pen
To tell myself though i love you so
And although you'll never know i know

Your words have scarred my brittle heart
There'll be no re-do, no fresh start.

But one last time, i note to self
I love you and will for all i live
It's not your fault you hurt me so
Sometimes you just can't take all i can give.