lungs failing at the closure
the climax of this ingenius
plan & i can see the damage;
if bones could suffocate under
pressure, i wish yours would &
i would be the f ir st to
encourage it

the concave display between your
hip-bones doesn't compliment -
i'm sure if you fell, they would
shatter within the thin covering
of skin & the elasticity seems as
though it would tear with e v e r y
exhalation of breath

& every inhalation is a struggle
for you, but the beauty is worth
the discomfort, you think. thin
-spiration is the only word that
appeals to you & yes, you eat on
occasion -- vitamins / pills
if that even counts

you want to be rid of impurities &
feel beautiful/angelic/perfect but
in truth, my dear, skeletons are
nothing but death & despair -
you shouldn't resemble a skeleton
when you're still alive & i'm just
afraid for you



emaciation isn't immaculate