'White Wedding Dress'

Fallen so far, and still I'm trying

To see through the middle of this mess

Underneath the masked-layers of feeling

To find my true self again

How will this ever work out?

You say "Keep smiling"

But mine fades when you leave

I hate that

Only 'less than a year'

So far as you keep promising

I know you won't break yours

But I was broken to begin with

You say you'll marry me,

We'll move out, and be on our own

Eager as I am to do this...

My worries create dark shadows

So picked a dress for the wedding day

And, trust me, a year goes by fast

Before we know it, we'll be toasting New Years

And making plans firm plans with guests

Time goes by so slowly...yet it speeds up at the turning point,

And I'll be left spinning....holding onto you......