(I couldn't decide what to call this one. Got any ideas?)

This hypocrisy is killing me

You drive me insane.

You smile and laugh, you seem to care

But I know it's feigned.

This facade is nauseating;

It's burning me inside.

Why do you force me to suffer so?

Why do you hide?

This horror is gnawing at me.

I don't know what to do.

But eventually I'll expose and

Dispose of you.

This relief is freeing

It's healing me throughout

You are unable to hurt no more

Now I laugh as you writhe and shout.

(Pretty dark, yes? I'm not called Sadistic-Nightmares for nothing you know. I realize this poem sucks, just don't hurt me over this one: I recently wrote it to attempt to overcome my dreaded writer's block, but be free to comment on it.)