Author's Note

Well, it seems that What You Can't See is still getting quite a bit of attention. Welcome to all the new readers and hello to old faces! Just giving a quick revised author's note on the status of this story.

As some of my long standing readers may remember, I lost pretty much all my notes for this story in a hard drive crash several years back, which is why it hasn't updated since then. In all honesty, I'm sort of glad that happened to me. Looking over what has already been written, I really very much want it rewritten. Trust me, the new version of this story is going to look so much better than this version—but be expecting those wicked cliffhangers and random, surprising twists that I think made this story attractive and entertaining to so many people. And let's not forget our lovely leading characters (who, by the way, may not have very recognizable names in this upcoming version).

What I mean to say is, as the previous author's note may not have been as clear, What You Can't See never reached its end. At this point in the original script there were still at least three more chapters left to go.

Also probably not made clear in the previous note, What You Can't See is being rewritten. It is also now titled Insight. I am writing it in a third person point of view, which some of you may not find to be appealing. However, I am striving to keep the dry sarcasm from this first person standpoint. The fact of the matter is, this story as it is will not be updating again. But it is being rewritten.

This story has developed into the type that begs and pleads to be written. These characters keep me up at night, acting out their scenes and conversations, fighting over what should be said and what should be left to the imagination. This story will finish. It must finish. There is so much to say in it. It's not just about vampires, werewolves, Hunters, and a lost confused teenage girl; it's about the past, life, redemption, and a set of compelling mysteries that makes me smile with devious joy at the very thought. You want action, adventure, mystery, tantalizing clues, cliffhangers, unexpected twists, red herrings, life lessons, demons, faeries, magic, and a tint of romance and manipulative fate? Then this story is for you.

So keep an eye out on my story page for the new and hopefully better version of this story, now titled Insight. Some of you may not like this new version. Some of you may like it better. Either way is okay. Once upon a time I wrote solely to please myself. I lost that edge for a while, but now it's back. If you don't like the new version, then like I said, that's okay. I like it. I love it. And I hope you will too.