Rare planets in your solar system

Waiting to be discovered

Or singular gems

Auctioned to the highest bidder

Her in this case

Because she tried the hardest

Because I sat back and watched her

Dancing across the sky; a midnight sun

I can only reflect her

A moon

A mirror

A shrine to her glory and passion

Passive in agony and in defeat, knowing you lost

My magnetic pull on the tides of fate vanished

When the water evaporated under her radiance

It was lucky, for I was in the dark

Waxed and waning

Gone from the sky

Unable to see the star

That alighted on her and brushed a feathery kiss

Attracted to the fiery heat and unable to recoil

Drawn in by groping tendrils of heat

And yet I could not live naïve

As I met her in the sky I was forced

Forced to echo her jubilation with each step

As I made my way into the star-studded sky

Reflecting her delight, her ecstasy, her bliss—

A pale glow as I sat on the sky's cradle

Diamond tears trickling down like rain to the Heavens to Earth to Hell

Knowing that a sun keeps the star that shines brightest

But only until it wanes

Before shedding it and letting it fall

One more brilliant comet in a midnight black sky

A streak to mingle with the brightness of my tears