The Sum of a Strong Word

Evaluate the numerical value of our expression.
We ran as parallel lines through our sequence,
The gradient too high for us to meet the final vertex.
Anomaly. Congruency was not on the agenda.
Our correlation negative in every possible aspect.
You, my inverse and our lives, fate to intercept.

Subtract the mode of pretence.
Multiply this mean of despair.
Act as bisector. Divide me.
I'll be the ultimate factor for your destruction.
You, the diameter,and I, the radius.
Squared and cubed to the plane of emptiness.
The volume of my soul brought to nil
Whilst all the time your growth accelerates.
Velocity and direction undetermined,
The missing number in this equation.
A quadrilateral, a hexagon, a decahedron.
Too many faces. Too many sides.
Too much involved, too many brackets.
Perpendicular in your effort to succeed.
My hypotenuse, my solution and answer.
No addition; you just take me away.
Shaped into the denomintor of this facade:

I hate to love you.