How I wish I was ethereal!
Instead of the lowly self I am today,
A flying strength across the stars,
And free from all binds and trauma.
How I wish I was ethereal!
So that I could sift through lies and truth,
Pick away at the mounds of dirt,
That sleep so peacefully within a home.

But the truth cannot be denied,
And one cannot live in wonder.
Ethereal, I am not.
Forced to face dishonesty and slander.

Days like these that bring tears,
Anger that refuses to die,
Who loves such menacing forces,
breaking your habit to fly?

How I wish I was ethereal!
To distinguish between truth and untruth.
So I know that what he says are not lies,
But words conceived in love.
How I wish I was ethereal!
To never stand before my enemy,
Cowering in fear and beat down from misfortune,
Never again would I face scarring pain.