The Rock is in the House! (Sumo Style)

The crowd roared as the announcer told the crowd who the wrestlers for today were.

"Out steps Sam Sedimentary. This guy's make-up is pure silt. His nickname, Pure Sam," the announcer, a sedimentary rock named Salvador said. Pure Sam flexed the best pose he could, as fans screamed and teeny-rockers fainted.

"His opponent, Ignatius Igneous. Ignatius may sound prim and proper, but don't mess with this chap. His magma is all from Hawaii. Completely Hawaiian! His nickname, Aloha Victory!" Aloha Victory stepped out looking quite strange, with a signature lei on. The two rocks took their places in the ring. "Now it is time to see who wins, and who turns metamorphic."

"And the referee gives the ready signal," Salvador said with his best suspense-building voice. "And he drops his hand and they're ready to go."

Pure Sam and Aloha Victory screamed deadly cries of anticipation, as they charged each other. They began body slamming repeatedly. On the ninth body slam, Aloha Victory was thrown into the wall.

"Ouch! That has got to hurt," Salvador commentated. However, Aloha Victory had gotten back up and was ready to go. "Oh look at that, his heat monitor is down again. He's not going to let Pure Sam turn him metamorphic!"

They began body slamming, once more, and they were quite enthusiastic about it. Once again, Pure Sam got the better of Aloha Victory, and was now on top of him, squishing him, trying to make the pressure too much for the bloke, and therefore turning him metamorphic.

"Oh, I'm supposed to be bi-partisan, but to heck with it! Go Sam, squish his magma out! SQUISH HIM! SOMEBODY WIN!" Salvador screamed, "SQUISH! SQUISH! SQUISH!"

However, Pure Sam did not squish Aloha Victory, because Aloha Victory flipped him off and began squishing his opponent, Pure Sam.

"Oh, okay! Go, Aloha! GO! GO! GO! GO! SQUISH HIM!" Salvador started again.

The crowd was now very wound up and were chanting, "Squish! Squish! Squish!"

Except for the teeny-rockers, who were crying over their dream-beau being squished in to "meta-morphism."

And so it happened. Sedimentary Sam was turned into a metamorphic rock and lost the game.

"Well, that's all for today folks, but tomorrow we will have another battle against Sedimentary and Igneous rocks."

AN: This is yet another for my science culmination project. It's a fun guy.