My Love

In this wicked heart

Lies the travesty that has begun

The convulsion of hate

That revolves around her very being

As a onxy thundercloud

On the threaten of a downpour

Only in her heart lies the key to happiness

A long lost trait stolen from her very core

Though strength lies in an audible light

It is only called upon by others

By the duty to be selfless

The duty to love and overcome the suicide inside

The life once lived ends as she is born again

Into mature circumstances

That breathe resurrection to black-ice eyes

In hardship is borne a resistance

To pureness, to light and happy dreams

Only the winter storm of reality blows

With banshee screams, and bitchslap whiplash

Can't it end?

Will light convert again?

There something other than a hollow heart

Will live

The past where true happiness lies

Is the vitality to unlock the future

Katie, 2005