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I looked at him. We looked exactly alike except in

contrast to my white silky hair and yellow golden eyes

he had rose petel pink hair and deep crystal purple


He was out-going and funny. He was a people person and

was often going to parties. He had few close friends

but many lackies, followers and people that worshiped

the ground he walked on. He was love by all and if not

loved then envied.

Me on the other had was shy and timid. A book worm.

I got straight 'A's in contrast to his 'C's. I read

and he played football and other sports. I studied he

went to parties. I wrote stories and spoke four

diffrent langues he played the guitar and was in a

grage band. He was destined to make it big with either

his sport or music skills I was destined to become a


At times I felt so jelouse of him. How he smiled

charmingly or how his eyes held a certin mishief to

it. He was excellent and erotic and I was boring mousy

timid me.

I know most wonderd how we could be related twins

even. Espically since we acted and looked diffrent. He

was a little bit on the more muscular side.

He was 5'7, 128lbs had a six pack and strong legs and

arms. He was built like a runner and a swimmer. I

think because he did both in his spare time.

Me on the other hand was 5'4, 100lbs and petit. No

'body' as most girls would put it once so ever. I was

delicate built to turn pages in old books.

I was made to sit in a corner and read in the dark

while he was ment to go out in the world and shine.

He could have anyone in the world...but he chose me.

His twin brother...Me Hikari.


Okay yea I know. I have an unhealthy obsession with yaoi

and incess (mainly gay incess) and twin-cess. It being about

the only thing I wright. But guess what.

...I'll give you a little...umm... prediction for the future of this storie.

Unlike most of my other stories that have started out angsty this one

will start out sweet. But remember things change.

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