1The Poem You Deserve

By Sake

There's a glitch in this system

a knot in your stomach

something in your throat

you're full of excuses

don't gloat

The train was running late

I got stuck with work

There was something I needed to do

Don't give me you excuses

they mean nothing to me

You lied about the train

You lied about your work

You lied about you loving me

And trying to make this work

I wish that you would leave

I wish that you would change

I wish that I would learn

that you will always be the same

You promise change

You say it's different

But the funny thing about that

is it never changes

The change never came

the proof never appeared

you're mind never showed

that you ever held us dear

As you don't do what's right

You eat you're sorrows

I wonder where I went wrong

Why did I ever listen?

I wish I'd never expected much

So my hopes wouldn't have fallen this much

You leave me disappointed

and I doubt it'll ever change