Looking the other head to feet

feeling the desire flow through your eyes

as you lift his shirt above his head

chills run through my spine

I could feel every kiss given

every stroke of the skin that was made

nervous, the stomach knots

As your hands stroke his chest

skin rips away from mine

with each gentle suck of the neck

mine stiffens and aches

with every loving glance into each other's eyes

my eyes swell and tear and itch with irritation

such a tortuous pain

Blood trickles down my body

in the same path in which he touches yours

with every thrust of passion

a shock to my heart

every moan of pleasure and lust

pierces my ears until they too bleed

my tears run as fluid as the perspiration on your body

and as you lay there together

after the display of compassion and desire

smiles and stares of love are exchanged

as I have my own image to stare at through a mirror

and with the subtlest of whispers

of "I love u" into the other's ear

my heart breaks and the breath is sucked out of my lungs

as I collapse onto the floor lifeless