Dedicated to Miss Katrina or BlackNailedBeauty

Lolita my darling please die
You're making your mother cry
And all you ever do is sigh
So just lay down and die

A girl with black hair and fair skin sighed, looking at her wet pruned hands. She dried them on her apron, walking from the kitchen. She then hurried down the stairs, opening the front door. There a paper bag was shoved into her arms, a man huffing and marching up the stairs past her. She closed the door with her bare foot, then followed the man up.

"Lolita, put those away then run my bath." The man ordered.

"Yes Sir." The girl said quickly. The man then trotted off. Lolita hurried to put the groceries in their place, then ran to the bathroom to run the bath.

"Oh Lolita, please just move out or even kill yourself at this point!" The woman sobbed as the girl placed the tea on the nightstand.

"I'm sorry." Was all she said before heading out of the room.

"She has a point." A boy her age shrugged, walking her down the stairs to the subway. She blinked, looking at him bewildered, not moving so he got a few stairs in front of her. He turned and looked up at her.

The subway below was filled with clambering noises and the screams of the cars moving. She just stared at him, and he stared back.

She sat in the attic, also known as her "room".

"I've been trying so hard..." She muttered, turning the blade over in her hand. "So hard..." She raised it; eyes fluttering as she shakily put her second hand on it. "Why is this all they want from me?!" She screamed, slamming the blade into her chest. The blood spurted up, she falling over, a red light blinking in front of her eyes until she hit the cold floor.

A/N: All of these are gonna be about like this. Short, vague and depressing. This idea is half an idea Miss Katrina gave me and half my own little idea. Thank you Miss Katrina and I hope you like it. Shine on.