Dedicated to Miss Katrina or BlackNailedBeauty

Lucifer you sly conjurer
Sending girls to the slaughter
Murder, suicide, mothers, daughters
What did they do to you Lucifer?

"Another fine day of work." The boy smiled, walking into the darkness. He ran a hand through his fire engine red hair, putting sunglasses over his black cold eyes.

The moon rose behind him but he cast no shadow. Blackness surrounded him but he continued to smile. There were no tall buildings to cause the cloud he walked in, only his own aura.

He sat down, looking at the crimson hell before him. Six more untainted souls to add to his collection. He looked further into the flames, finding only nothingness beyond them. Screams and yells and tear-streaked faces. Beggings for the Lord they followed or didn't follow, wanting so badly out of this hell.

He closed his eyes behind his sunglasses, feeling a sharp pain all over his body, like it was folding in on itself. He watched the back of his eyelids, staring intensely at the white blinking light before him before gasping, opening his eyes to see his broken sunglasses before him. He had fallen, fallen from his throne. He stood, looking directly up, his smile gone.

The white light blared on and off in the back of his mind, screaming for attention as did all the things in this hell. He choked on his own mucus, hearing questions with every blink of the light.

Why'd you do it? Why them? It's all your fault? You take the blame? For them?

"Simply... go away, Lucifer." The boy said, then laughed, the light growing stronger as he sat back in his throne.