Emotionless, I slip into the black

What I once felt can never come back

The rain that once poured forth

Has turned to the ocean soaked in blood

Laughing at my open wounds

I feel myself fall into the infinite mud


Emotionless, I walk oblivious of all

I've come so far, I feel not the fall

The winds are getting stronger

As the ashes and snow cover the ground

Smiling on forever

One can hear failure's abhorred sound


Emotionless, I take a run into the night

No matter what I do, I'll never win this fight

The waves have become so violent

The celestial lightening shows us his wrath

I lay here scarred so very deep

As the darkness seeps into my long forgotten path


Emotionless, I ride apathetic of the storm

I find myself fading of solid form

The sun happens to be melting the snow

Forming rivers of lost souls, rivers of death

I have been left forsaken

Left to die with a thousand sinful heathens


Emotionless, I dash into an open field

Claustrophobia my defense, my only remaining shield

The leaves form a swirling tower

Threatening to engulf me in their fiery flames

Yet I stand there calmly frowning

Tired of playing these useless subliminal games


Emotionless no more, the emotions are returning

For all that I've lost, I find myself yearning

Silent is the atmosphere, violet is the sky

Tomorrow is lost forever

The tears roll down my cheeks as I wait here to die

Just die and fade, never to be found, never


For emotionless I am, emotionless forever…


A/N: well, i feel exactly like what i've just written above. the main problem is most people who read this poem just don't understand it, and i'm sorry but i can't explain it. you'll just have to try to understand what i feel, and maybe, maybe then you might like it for all it means. (my dad didnt like this one at all, but it was because he couldnt make any sense of what i was trying to say...can you make sense of it?)