Drowning in a pool of emotions

Burning into a pile of black ash

Searching for the right direction

Running away from my unhappy past


The graffiti on the walls are blinding

Pictures all around crumble into dust

These words I am writing mean nothing

Though the feelings I feel are a must


Sinking to the bottom of the reddening ocean

Boiling till all you see are my faults

Regretting this direction I have sadly chosen

Looking for what can never be found


The music in the air is deafening

The echo subsides into complete silence

This fall into darkness looks tempting

As though the world contains no violence


Smiling at my self-inflicted mutilation

Laughing at the thoughts from which you run

Cowering behind this sudden realization

Killing my soul with the shot of a gun


The taste of chocolate is now bitterness

As all flavors are lost in an empty hall

I ask myself why I even write this

When these words have no meaning at all…

A/N: This is probably the weirdest poem i have ever written...yet sometimes i do believe in the last two lines of the poem, what if my words really are meaningless??