If this is darkness
Then I am silent
I watch the procession
Marching past my window
If this is darkness
They cannot see me
And if I don't weep
It is no sin

Each and every time
I look out onto the road
I quiver like a dying man
And I don't want this

Stand aside
Because I am here now
And I'll watch and
Tell you all about experiments
They carried out
Before you came

Don't leave me here
Grabs hold of you
So easily
Don't save my soul
It's gone too far
Explored the depths
Of this new season

Winter is the time
When all these things resort
To showing me
Where I belong

What strange excuse
Can come to you
When you are facing
Under the arch
You can't see them
It's darkness here
You've no way out
You're no escape
For me anymore

Once in a while
It appears
That there's some embrace
To be had from this dark
But you know
That's not true
Because they're all afraid
To step forward

What is the way forward?
What is the way back?
Faithfully deny
That we can survive.