..ooOOChapter One OOoo..

"Ew Ashley, how can you eat that?" he asks, making a disgusted face.

"It's good! Try some?" I ask and hold out the spoon of chocolate chips, bubble gum ice cream and cherry coke. "Please, John?"

"No thanks." He says, turning his head away.

What a shame, I really liked him too.

"You wanna do something tonight?"

"I can't" I lie, "I'm swamped with homework, sorry."

"Aww." He whines, giving me his puppy dog eyes. Oh, he is so adorable and it's not making this any easier for me.

"Well, I have to go now," he says looking at his watch. "I can't be late or my mom is gonna have a bitch fit again. Call me?"

"Ok, see ya." He leans over and gives me a soft, sweet kiss on the lips. God, I'm gonna miss that. He leaves and so I'm all by myself at the table. I wait there for a few minutes, lazily stirring my ice cream, coke and chocolate chips together as I listen to the soft clinking noise coming from the metal spoon hitting the ceramic bowl. I push it aside and stand up. Getting ready to dump another boyfriend always makes me depressed and I lose my appetite so I exit the building. It's called "Junk" by the way. Yea I know, kind of a weird name for a diner or whatever it is, but they make the best ice cream in the world. All they serve there is junk food, making it a really popular hangout for teens. I love going there because I love to eat. No, im not fat! I'm lucky because I have a fast metabolism or something like that.

Why do I have to dump him? Well, it's very strange actually. As I told you before, I love food. And for me to love someone, they have to love the same kind of food. And that isn't easy. You see, I like strange food combinations. Like my favorite, bubble gum ice cream mixed with cherry coke and chocolate chips. Or fries topped with strawberry jam and pieces of Oreo. No, I'm not some kind of freak; I still eat normal food too. I just love trying new and exciting flavors. Yes, I could just ignore the fact that they don't like it and still date them, but I think that would just make things harder. We would get too attached and it would make the break up difficult for both of us. If he doesn't like my crazy food combinations then he isn't my soul mate and I will have to break up with him eventually because I'm not going to try and fake myself into being happy.

None of my relationships last very long. Don't worry, I don't dump one guy and switch to the next the next day. I wait a long time. It may not seem like it but the break up is painful to me because these guys are my friends and I don't like hurting them. One time, I got so tired of me always doing the dumping so I tried to get him to dump me. I got the idea after seeing How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Well when he finally dumped me I was covered in ketchup with socks on my head (long story, don't ask) and had managed to make a huge fool out of myself. So I never tried that stupid idea again.

Another time, the guy tried to trick me. When I asked him to try one of my combinations, he did. He ate it and said he liked it. That was my longest relationship. I could tell he didn't like it since he made a weird face whenever he ate it. He didn't know about my food rule, he just agreed with me all of the time. If I liked it, so did he. If I didn't, then neither did he. It got really annoying actually. That was one of the first times I wanted to dump a guy for a reason besides the food rule. It started to piss me off so I thought I would have a little fun before we broke up. I made some beans with grape jelly, cheese, and orange juice and told him that it was my favorite dish. He reluctantly ate it all up, which resulted in him barfing all over my shoes. Yea, so that was then end of that relationship.

I walk alone on the sidewalk. I turn a corner and see Haley coming out of a store.

"Hey Hal," I say waving.

"Oh, hey Ash!" she yells back and runs over to me. "So how did it go?"

Haley is my best friend and she is the only one that I told about my food rule. I always tell her before I try to get a guy to try one of my foods. She thinks I made up the rule because I'm afraid to get hurt, but I don't think so.

I shake my head sadly and she gives me a hug.

"Sorry. I'm sure your perfect guy is out there somewhere. Better luck next time, eh?" she says with a laugh, but comforting at the same time.

"Yea. I was really hoping that he would be the one. He was so cute and smart and funny."

"Sometimes I just don't get you. If he's so perfect then go out with him!"

"I don't know, Hal. I just can't. I know it will turn out bad."

"You are so weird Ashley James, but we love you for it. You wanna come over to work on our science project?"

"Sure" I say and we start walking towards her house.


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