Some Froggy Loves You, Chapter One

A/N: if my animals are wrong, please correct me. No promises they are in their natural habitats. Besides, this is suppose to be a romantic comedy.

Luke the yellow-spotted tree frog hopped across the deep pit that was the forest floor from the lofty pine he was on to the gargantuan pine next to it. Off in the distance, the cry of a howler monkey sounded, a cry of desperation, almost, as the primate searched for its mate.

Luke shook his froggy head. That screech just didn't seem as sophisticated as his croak. His croak that, like the howler's, had yet to attract a mate. For that, Luke was dejected. So. Very. Dejected.

Hopping up the trunk of the pine, Luke couldn't wait until he was at his tree house, with high speed Internet and over 200 channels. The only fault he found with the massive amount of viewing capabilities he had, was that there was never anything on. Why, just that week he had watched "Rush Hour 2" at least 27 times. The fact that Hollywood thought everyone wanted to be over saturated with bad sequels dumbfounded Luke. Like the two million "Rocky"s. After the second one, poor Rocky was about as brain dead as whoever thought up the plotlines!

But the ideals of Hollywood were not what weighed most heavily on Luke's mind. Actually, they were probably the farthest from it. Although he had all that technology, the free time, and whatnot, he still longed for a mate. And, by golly, he was going to get one. But first he had to watch his daily helping of "Friends" re-runs.