Whispering- voices full of naughty excitement-
they gather around the single, frosty photograph ('snap'):
inside its four icicle edges is a black and white (ink) majesty.
but the gossipers see just two girls (freaks)
kissing each other's unworthy lips.

Underneath, at the edge of the Polaroid
where perfect white is not tainted by darkness
lipstick-letters (bright, fake red)
speak out the gossiper's harsh lie:
"Two little lesbians sitting in a tree.
K I S S I N G"


They kiss.
yet another smile shared.

Questions, humiliation, fears and tears fell last night-
the photo traveled around gossip-greedy hands
till its cold edges melted-
(laughter and stares)
But that was yesterday; today's today.


And they kiss.
yet another faint "I love you"
in between thin sheets of snow;
flakes falling on them both (heaven).

Eyes wide again, the gossiper stares.
however hard she tries to think 'God'
('help me rid my mind of this sin')
she can't help but wonder…
What would it be like to be told "I love you"
and kissed gently-

Author's Note: Based on poetic abortion's poem 'picture frame lies'. (Re-)Edited: Dec. 3, 2005