Living alone in this memory,

All I think of is you.

Looking out my window to see the rosy red sunset,

All I want is to be with you.

Was it a mistake I made,

Stumbling across your memory?

Or was it true love that night

Which brought me here to you?


Is this a dream from which I shall one day wake,

Or are you just illusion in my reality today?

Are you just a statue in my life,

Or are you my soul in unjustified fate?

Will you behold my face in your reflection

Before the unending night grows cold?

Or will you leave me here

Before I grow old?


I sit here thinking about all that you gave me.

I weep about all that you stole.

I whisper my name only to hear yours echo in return.

Drowning in my ocean of deep regret,

All I regret is the memory,

The memory that lives inside of you.


Is this the feeling,

The feeling that is supposed to feel so true?

Is this what they call love,

Or is it only attraction towards you?

Your eyes seem so truthful,

So full of blissful youth.

Yet I know not what my eyes hold for you,

Know not why my heart beats for you.


I walk with you in the moonlight

Remembering our shadowy past.

Building up from nonexistent trust,

This relationship cast aside.

You mean more to me than anyone,

You mean more to me than life.

Will you walk with me to the end?

From the end you cannot hide.


Pondering over the future

I know that I want you there.

If not as my faithful lover,

Then maybe as just a good friend.

I want to soar with you the beautiful skies,

Bring down to earth your rising pride.

I want to be stuck with you

In this silent moment forever.


I want to hear your voice always,

I want to be by your side.

I want to feel this glory,

This feeling of being tied.

Are you an image of my memory,

Or are you just a sweetened dream?

When you're far away I feel so angry,

I feel carried away by this moving stream.


Am I just stuck in a dead memory,

As I wait for you to hold me close?

Will you come to complete me,

Or will you just fall away and watch?

Burning is this memory,

This memory you chose to leave behind.

Fading is your true love as you refuse to accept her,

Your love so divineā€¦

A/N: This was first written as a poetic prose thing, but i converted it into a poem...i deleted the other thing btw... so tell me how this is...