Chapter 17

"You are my miracle," Brooke said looking at her beautiful son sitting across the table from her. "And I love you."

"Yeah, I know mom," he said blushing and ducking his head down. Sixteen years had passed since that day at the hospital, and each day was a miracle from heaven above.

The doctor said David wouldn't live through the night and now sixteen years later here he was as healthy as any other normal teenager; long dark brown hair, brown eyes, chubby cheeks, and just as tall as his father

"Can I go," he asked becoming a little impatient.

"Yeah," she mumbled looking up at him with a smile. "Who is this girl again," Brooke asked as they stood in the doorway.

"Her name is Jill. I promise you will love her."

"How long will you be gone," Brooke asked.

"Leave the boy alone," David said walking into the room and standing there.

"Well I was just curious," Brooke said turning around and sticking her tongue out at him.

"Yeah, you asked me those same questions yesterday, this morning, and an hour ago."

"Sorry," Brooke said pausing. "I am just nervous that's all. It is your first date and all, with a new car. I am a mom it's my job to be nervous. When you started walking I lined the whole house with newspaper, so just in case you fell it wouldn't hurt to bad."

"Bye mom," David said pulling on his coat, and kissing her cheek.

"Ten thirty," she said calling out to him as he headed for his new car. He waved backwards and then hopped into his car.

"Are we doing the right thing," she asked closing the door. Her eyes closed she said a small prayer.

"Can't keep him locked up in the house forever," David said coming to stand in front of her.

"Well," she said pausing and looking up at her husband. "Well maybe we could for just a few more years; at least until he is thirty or so."

With a chuckle David said, "Now that wouldn't be fair. Speaking of children where is Jess?"

"She went to a friend's house. I think when she starts dating you might have to put me in a mental home."

"Oh we have a few years with that one. For Christ sakes she is only eight-years-old, beside I will kill the first guy who touches her."

"And to think that girl David is out with has a father who thinks the same way you do."

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Where did the time go," David asked sitting on the couch along with Brooke. "It seems like just yesterday they were babies."

"I know," Brooke said looking around the room, tears beginning to fall across her cheeks.

"Don't cry," David said taking her into his arms. "Ya know," he said looking into her eyes. "We have the whole house to ourselves tonight."

"You are horrible," she said with a smile.

"Bet I can beat you," he said jumping off the couch.

"Not on your life," she said also jumping off the couch. "I get to be red this time," she yelled trying to catch up with him.