Hey little girl,
Think you can change the world?
Do you have what it takes?
To make it against the stakes?

What will you do?
When no one believes in you.
When they all expect you to fail,
Like a train without a rail.

Are you gonna prove them wrong?
Or just turn around and run?
And let them win,
Because you gave in.

Little girl, little girl,
You can't change the world.
You don't have what it takes,
To make it against the stakes.

You're going to fail like all the rest.
You'll never be among the best.
Give up already, you're already defeated.
All of your mistakes will be repeated.

Little girl don't be dumb.
Don't let them think that they've won.
Stand up and prove them wrong
You've been kept down far too long.

Little girl, little girl,
You can change the world.
You have what it takes (don't let them say otherwise),
To beat the stakes (just keep on trying).