Author's Note:

Hello and thank you for coming to read my first attempt at a full lenght story. This story is called "Buried Alive by Love" and the title has been taken from the song by the group called H.I.M. Before you read the story you may want to read my descriptions below because I started the story where the action begins to save you from bordom.

Camille is a 17 year old girl with a loving boyfriend, Shawn. She lives with her mother, Amy. Shawn is willing to give Camille the world, and really would too... If she would let him. Recently Camille has been acting strange and giving into stareing at another guy who is new in town, Max. Max moved to town to live with his uncle, Logan who owns a restaurant. When Shawn finds out about some letters Camille has been sending to Max things explode! Read and see what happens! Where the story starts, Camille is in Washington with April, a school trip and April is a school friend, for the summer. She will be going back to her hometown soon enough.

Well, I think that's all I need to say before you begin. Enjoy!