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Chapter 1: Enter the Damsel in distress

Things happen in life, things that we don't expect. One day can be as calm as the sea on a warm summer night, others as turbulent as a raging thunderstorm that signals winter is soon to end. There is no true way of knowing what will happen, until it does. At least, that's how it worked out for Terry, and despite the hysteria that engulfed his life during his junior year in high school, for him things couldn't get any better.

October 3rd started out just as any other day had for Terry Stevens. His alarm clock went off at precisely 6:22, but only let out a muffled groan before jamming his fist down to stop the beeping of the clock and rolled over in hopes of letting sleep take him once more. The sun, however, had a schedule of its own and began to rise, sunlight spilling through the thin, green curtains that faintly covered the windows of his room. Terry released one more groan before stumbling out of bed to start his morning routine.

After waiting a minute or two for his eyes to finally focus he trudged over to his closeted opened the wooden doors to reveal a messy heap of dark clothing. Black, forest green, and midnight blue seemed to dominate over the few apple red and banana orange shirts that seemed to have accidentally fallen in with the others. He stood for a moment, glancing at the different shades he had to choose from and finally grabbed a long sleeved green shirt and a pair of khaki pants (his only pair). As he closed the closet door he took one last look, glancing from the clothes hanging from his arm to the ones piled on the floor and with a slight nod shut the door completely.

It was now 6:35, 20 minutes before he had to leave if he wanted to catch the bus to school. Between pulling his shirt down over his head and pulling on a pair of black socks he stopped short, a single sock grasped in his hand and a gasp escaping his lips. This was when it dawned upon him that this was actually he first day starting at an unknown school. He had been so busy unpacking and setting everything into place he had completely forgotten that in 18 minutes he would be boarding a new bus and wisped away to a new school. Terry only let this alarm him for a minute and then regained his usual calm composure and finished getting dressed with no other interruptions.

Grabbing his black messenger bag the young teenager made his way down the spiral staircase leading from the attic to the second floor and a flight of regular stairs to the kitchen. A woman with short dark brown hair and emerald green eyes was rushing around the kitchen attempting to throw together 3 bagged lunches while being careful not to burn the toast that she had just placed in the toaster. Terry let a soft chuckle escape his lips as he walked over and gently kissed her cheek. "You do too much," he said while forcing her away from the counter and taking over the packing of lunches.

A gentle smile graced Mrs. Steven's lips as she walked over to the refrigerator and took out a container of butter. "Well if I left everything to you and your siblings who knows what could happen?" she replied playfully as she began to spread a small amount of butter on the pieces of toast that had just popped up from the toaster. "Do you have everything you need for your first day of school?"

Terry gave a slight nod and glanced at the clock which now read 6:45am.

"Good." Mrs. Stevens then walked into the hall and grabbed her coat from the closet. "Come on then," she stated, slightly surprised as her eldest son simply stared at her with a bewildered expression present on his face. She only shook her head and beckoned for him to follow as she headed towards the front door. "Honestly, it's your first day in a new place. Did you think I was just going to allow you to take the bus? You still have to go to the guidance office so they can give you a schedule."

As Terry's mother dropped him off in the front of the school it was nothing like the boy had pictured. The school was quite large, and the lawns were a perfect shade of green. The last of the flowers were slowly fading, trying desperately to make it through just one more month. Trees were decorated with orange, red, and golden brown leaves that one by one had started to fall to the ground. The building itself was not old and dirty as his old school had been, but appeared as though it had just been built within the last couple of years. To make things short, he thought the school itself was beautiful.

Yet, in all its beauty the courtyards were empty and gave off a small hint of loneliness lingered in the air. Shrugging it off Terry made his way down a cement path which led to the glass doors of Rockwell High School. The halls were as empty as the sidewalks and courtyards that surrounded the outside, most likely because he had gotten there much earlier than he had anticipated. School was not scheduled to begin for another 25 minutes, but this left him with plenty of time to venture the halls and figure out where everything was.

The guidance office was just to the right of then entrance so Terry decided to stop there first in hopes that it would not take long to generate his schedule. The office was carpeted with dark red and filled with wooden furniture. It gave off that comfortable vibe that most teens would look for in a guidance department which made Terry smile. Sitting behind one of the antique looking desks was a short, stout woman with red curly hair pulled back into a bun while to strands framed her round face. She appeared to be doing something so he decided to wait for a moment for her to pause and then make his presence known.

The woman, however, had other plans evidentially and looked up to find a young man standing in front of her. Pushing up the pair of oval shaped glasses she wore she placed a smile on her face and waved for Terry to come forward. "I'm sorry," she said with a pleasant tone. "I didn't realize anyone was here."

Terry shook his head as a sign that it was alright. "My name is Terry Stevens, It's my first day here. I came a bit early in hopes of getting my schedule."

"Oh that's right…I was told a new student would be transferring in. If you wait just a moment I could have your schedule printed out in a minute," she stated as she stood up.

The boy nodded and watched her exit the room, leaving him alone in the office. As far is he could see so far things would not be that bad here. The people, well, person he had met seemed quite pleasant and the atmosphere provided a nice feeling of comfort that his previous school had lacked. Of course, he knew that he had yet to meet any of the students, which was what he feared the most. It was not that he was cruel, or enjoyed solitude, but rather he was shy, and very few took it upon themselves to get to know him before dubbing him an outcast.

Before his thoughts could carry on any further the secretary returned with several papers in her hand. She approached him, her smile still present on her face and held out her hand for him to take the papers she had held. As he reached for each one she explained what they were. One being his schedule, one being a map of the school, and two being emergency forms for his parents to fill out that night. Terry thanked the woman and left the office, unsure of where to go next.

Though most people would probably pause the think of a destination Terry did not and simply headed down one of the several halls in the school. He passed by several rooms, each enclosed by a wooden door with only a small rectangular window allowing him to view the inside. The cafeteria soon came into sight as well, surrounded by numerous class windows surrounding the double wooden doors that would lead inside. He didn't stop long at any single place, wanting to quickly take in all that he saw and move on to the next place. Soon however, as students began to enter the school he put his self tour on hold and figured he should probably head to his locker.

Locker number 265 ended up being on the second floor in the math corridor. Each half hallway was dedicated to a single subject, and it seemed ironic that he was placed in the corridor of the subject he hated the most. No one seemed to take notice of him, and part of him was glad because he knew if someone had approached him he would not know what to say. Another part, however, was disappointed at this because if no one stopped to say a friendly hello or even give a slight wave or recognition, he knew he would never make any friends simply because he has always been too shy to make the first move.

Soon enough though, something happened that he had not intended. As Terry shut his locker and turned to head in the direction of his first class he found himself in a head on collision with another. Books fell the floor and papers scattered, all the while as he mumbled apologies and bent down to pick up the fallen objects a girls voice was ranting. "Haven't you ever heard of watching where you are going? My god, you could have done some major damage. And look at all my stuff! It's all over the-"

Before she could continue the girl looked up to find herself face to face with this auburn haired, green eyed boy, his hands holding out all of her things as neatly put together as they had been before. For a minute she remained speechless, but soon found her voice again. "Oh wow, I'm sorry about that," she said as her cheeks flushed. "I'm just running a bit late this morning and in a major rush. Thanks for picking all that up. Most of it isn't for school actually, I don't see the point in work. I think teachers just give it to us because they want to make our lives as boring as theirs."

Terry stared at the girl who was talking non stop in front of him as he tried to hold back his laughter. Her short, wavy blonde hair was streaked with a shade of pink that matched perfectly with her sweater. In contrast, her eyes were a mix between blue and green, but it was hard to tell just which one. Several times as she talked he could have sworn they switched at random. She seemed to be an alright girl, even if she talked just a bit too much. Finally, he was snapped out of his trance as he felt her poking him.

"Um…are you okay there?" she asked, giving him a strange look. "I've been asking you your name you know, and it's pretty rude not to answer when someone asks you a question. Did you even hear mine?"

Terry lowered his gaze out of slight embarrassment and shook his head no.

The girl groaned loudly and tugged on his shirt a bit, pulling him away from the locker. "Why do guys never listen? Anyway, my name is Aya, Aya Mills, and don't you forget that either. Sorry about pulling you by the way, but we've got the same class, and before you ask I could see your schedule from the way your holding it. Anyway, we only have like 2 minutes and I figured you'd wanna be on time for your first day. So what's your name anyway?"

Still in a state of shock from just how much this girl could talk he shook his head slightly and glanced over at her. "Terry."

It was a simple response, revealing only what Aya had asked, and not surprisingly this annoyed her a bit. "You're not much of a talker are you Terry? Well, no need to worry. I'm sure I can fix that up in no time," she stated confidentially as they approached Room 234. "History is a real bore and the teacher doesn't seem to realize that we have things to do other than her stupid homework, but she can be okay at times. Just be happy you don't have math first period. Mr. Tashia is mega tough."

Terry nodded as to agree with her but as they made their way into the classroom he lingered behind as she walked down the second row and took a seat in the back. Taking short glances around the room he noted several people up and about talking amongst each other regardless of the very irritated teacher standing before them. As the boy scanned the room as to put everything in his memory his eyes met a very angry looking Aya, standing with her hands placed on her hips and tapping her straw sandals. Letting out a sigh Terry took the hint and made his way to the back of the room and took the empty seat behind Aya, secretly hoping that the teacher would be less likely to notice him.

Of course, as the slightly balding man in the front commanded everyone to get in their seats he noticed Terry right away. His eyes stopped on the new boy, glanced down to his attendance sheet, then back at the boy once more. "Ah…you must be the new student, Terry Stevens correct?"

With all eyes now on him all poor Terry could do was give a small nod in response.

"Yes well…come on up here so I can give you a book and such," the overly large man said as he beckoned Terry with his finger to come forward. "The rest of you take out your homework so I can check it off."

Terry unwillingly left the comfort of his last row seat and slowly made his way to the front fully aware of the staring eyes. Part of him wanted to just turn to them and ask what they were staring at while another part just wanted to crawl into a hole and hide. The only smile he had came from the overly hyper and very talkative Aya who he supposed was now his first friend. It was truly an amazing occurrence. He had made a friend before school had even begun, and by bumping into her no less.

Moments later he found himself the owner of the worlds heaviest history book walking back to his seat. Terry was barely able to sit down before a familiar finger was poking him once more. "Terr, watch the door for a minute okay? Trust me, you're gonna love this."

So he watched. At exactly 7:30 the classroom door burst open, and Terry could have sworn his heart had stopped beating just then. Standing in the doorway was the most beautiful person he had ever seen.

His hair was darkish brown, spiked up ever so slightly, but without the mounds of gel most boys seem to think necessary. His chocolate brown eyes gleamed with energy, giving off that care free essence. They were eyes that once gazed into, no one could help but be happy, no matter how bad their day had been. This was what Terry found most amazing, his eyes that gave off more feeling than any one person should be capable of. Of course, his smile was a close second. A set of pearly white teeth formed a large grin. He had a black, one shoulder bag was slung over his left shoulder while his right hand grasped onto his coat.

Aya had spent the entire time waiting to see Terry's reaction, and a knowing smile crossed her lips as he unknowingly gave away his secret to her. A giggle left her lips as she tried to get his attention. Despite how adorable he looked, she knew some might disagree with her. "Hey Terr…," she whispered, leaning over so he could hear. "You might want to stop staring. He's not THAT great."

"He's perfect…" the entranced teen replied without thinking. Suddenly he realized what he had said and slapped his forehead, getting only another giggle from Aya in response.

"Oh don't be silly," Aya stated simply. "I told you to look so I could test you in the first place. This is a really diverse place after all. Plus you were kind of cute, but there's no need for me to start crushing if there's no chance. But I'll keep your secret a secret for you, promise."

By the time Terry looked up to catch another glimpse of the boy, he was startled to discover that the person he believed to be simply wonderful was now occupying the seat directly in front of him. He shot Aya a questioning look but she was already about to engage in a conversation.

"Don't you ever get tired of being late Evan?" she asked, her laughter ringing through the air.

The boy, Evan, turned to Aya and grinned. "Nope. How can I? It's just so-"

Terry hadn't looked up since Evan had started conversing with Aya, partially because he was afraid of embarrassing himself, and partially because he was too caught up in listening to the sound of his voice, that is, until it stopped. Unable to fight the curiosity he looked up, only to find his face only inches away from Evan's. He could feel the others breath, and thought his heart was going to pound itself right out of his chest. Luckily, yet slightly disappointing, he was saved a moment later as Evan pulled back and then smiled, leaving Terry praying that his face wasn't beat red.

"I was wondering when you'd come back down to earth," Evan said while still maintaining his goofy smile. "Do you space out often or were you just overtaken by my glamorous looks?"

Terry felt as though his eyes had completely popped out of his head. The only thing that saved him was the angry teacher who was sending glares in their direction, causing Evan to turn around, but not before sending a mischievous smile Terry's way along with a small wink.

As soon as Evan had entered what he had dubbed the classroom from hell he noticed something was different. A boy. He was sitting in the last row next to Aya and behind the seat that he was soon to be occupying. His hair was reddish brown and eyes the color of emeralds, which Evan thought was an awesome contrast. All in all he wasn't that bad looking at all, causing Evan's smile to grow wider with the knowledge that he would be sitting right in front of this new guy.

Missing most of what Mr. Tashia had been saying Evan shrugged his shoulders and walked over to his seat where he was immediately greeted by Aya.

"Don't you ever get tired of being late Evan?" she asked, her laughter ringing through the air.

Evan turned to Aya and grinned. "Nope. How can I? It's just so-" He stopped when he looked up to see the new kid sitting in complete silence, his eyes burning holes into the newly assigned math book. This made Evan smile a bit, he couldn't help it, he looked adorable. Deciding to get his attention Evan leaned in closer to the boy's face in hopes that he would notice, which he soon did.

As the boy looked up, Evan's face was only inches away from his. A small laugh escaped his lips as he pulled away. "I was wondering when you'd come back down to earth," Evan said while still maintaining his goofy smile. "Do you space out often or were you just overtaken by my glamorous looks?" Hey, he was cute after all, and the guy didn't seem to mind, Evan noted from the blush that appeared on his cheeks.

To his dismay, however, Mr. Tashia simply had to interrupt them, mentioning something about disrupting the class and sending evil glares in their direction. He hadn't even been able to find out the guy's name for crying out loud. At least a name would have been nice.

Evan had always hated math, he was just no good at it. He would take gym and track over math any day, who wouldn't right? So it was no surprise that about halfway through the class he found himself slowly drifting off to sleep. In fact, he would have succeeded if Aya hadn't tapped him on the shoulder ever so secretively and pressed a folded piece of paper into his hand.

After stifling a yawn Evan quietly unfolded the paper and read over what Aya had to say. 'So Evan, what do you think of him? His name's Terry by the way, Terry Stevens. Met right before this class, he bumped right into me lol.'

Taking a moment to think and deciding it was a hell of a lot better than listening to Mr. Tashia go on about limits Evan picked up his pencil and began scribbling down a reply. 'He's alright, seems kinda quiet though. I bet you can fix that in a heartbeat though :-p Other than that though he seems pretty cool, cute too . But I bet you noticed that too.'

Upon reading the reply Aya smiled at Evan and nodded just slightly as to not draw any attention to herself. 'Of course I did, and I pride myself on it. He seems like one of those people who's hott, but doesn't like to believe it. Pretty shy too, but you're right, I can fix that. I don't think I'm gonna go for him though.'

'Why the hell not? Lol, if I were you I'd certainly go for him.'

Aya smiled knowingly to herself. If she played her cards right, sometime in the future there just may be a new couple in school. 'Oh shut up, you'd go for him either way and you know it :-p'

Even glanced over at her and stuck his tongue out quickly. It was no hidden fact that he was gay. Anyone who cared to know knew, and anyone who didn't, well, they probably knew anyway just because everyone else did. It wasn't like anyone really cared. It was a really open minded place. 'Shut up Aya. We'll just see about that won't we?'

The rest of math went on like that, the two best friends passing notes back and forth with each other while Terry on the other hand seemed to actually be paying attention.

The bell finally rang at 8:15 for the students to move onto the next class. Amongst all of the gossip and other conversations Mr. Tashia's voice was straining to be heard. "Don't forget to do the homework, page 124 numbers 1-30."

Groans came from around the room as students made their way to the door. "So Terry, what do you have next?" Evan asked, momentarily forgetting that Terry hadn't actually told him his name yet. He realized his mistake when Terry's eyes widened in surprise.

"Umm…let me check," Terry replied hesitantly. "I've got English with Mrs. Lellock."

Fighting to hide his smile Evan nodded slightly. "Same here. I can take you there then, but we gotta get moving if you want to be on time. Who knows, perhaps having you around will get me to get my butt to class on time every once in a while."

"Well you two have fun then," Aya spoke up, " because I have Spanish and definitely need to be on time I'll catch up with you guys later!" With that Aya took her leave of the other two, heading in the opposite direction that the two others would be headed.

Without another word being spoken Evan started walking and Terry quickly followed him. Now, though many people may not think it, Evan was a very observant person at times and right now he could tell Terry was nervous, though he had no idea why. Though, perhaps if their situations had been switched around he would have known how awkward it was for someone you had not even really been introduced to yet call you by your name, which you had yet to tell them.

The pair had almost reached their destination when Evan heard Terry's voice. "I was wondering…how did you know my name back there? I hadn't told you yet, at least I'm pretty sure I hadn't."

Evan knew he had to come up with a quick, seemingly good answer for this. He was not exactly how well it would go over if he simply told Terry that he and Aya had been passing notes about him for most of math class. Shrugging nonchalantly and flashing a mysterious smile he continued walking. "I'm psychic."

Despite the fact that Terry obviously was not falling for this answer Evan left it at that and glanced over at Terry who was actually sprouting a smile, leaving Evan quite satisfied.

Upon reaching the English classroom Terry was left to speak with Mrs. Lellock about assigned seating and receiving a book for class. Meanwhile Evan was sitting in his usual seat by the window, gazing outside mostly to keep himself from staring at the green eyed boy he had met only an hour ago. He didn't really understand it himself. It wasn't like him to see a person and suddenly be unable to focus on anything else, but somehow Terry was different. It didn't bother him that much, it was simply a new feeling. When he moved his eyes back to the classroom he found to his dismay that Terry was on the other side of the room.

There was one other thing that Evan took notice to and found himself glaring because of it. Tiffany Galero, who happened to be the most snobby, stuck up girl in the 11th grade and perhaps the entire school. She thought that she was the center of the universe all because of her rich father and senior boyfriend, who was really not that great looking. However, right now her eyes were elsewhere, mainly checking out Terry. She brushed back a few strands of auburn hair and her lips curved into a smirk before she turned back around to face the front.

Evan looked down to realize at some point he had clenched his fists and exhaled, trying to calm himself down. That girl made his blood boil. She had to be heartless with the way she treated people and he definitely did not want to let Terry to get caught up in something with her because it would definitely end badly. Whatever she had up her sleeve, Evan made a silent vow to end before it got started.

The rest of class was uneventful. English was simple for the most part and wasn't nearly as boring as math to Evan, so he actually found himself paying attention. After that things were pretty uneventful. After third period Evan had to leave Terry, but not before giving him directions to his next classroom. They had agreed to meet up again in the cafeteria once it was time for lunch.

Before heading to the cafeteria Evan met up with Aya at her locker as he always did and they walked to lunch together. The cafeteria was pretty large considering the number of students there were. It made the room appear to be a lot less crowded than it actually was. The design was pretty nice though, because one whole wall had windows reaching all the way down it, leaving a nice view of outside and allowing the sunlight to shine in. "So," Aya started casually, "did you and Terry talk at all?"

Placing the tip of his index finger on his chin Evan thought for a moment. "Well…we talked a little bit, not a whole lot, we were in class most of the time after all. You won't believe who was staring at him though, Tiffany Galero. She was looking at him like he was some prize or something, smirking and brushing back her ever so perfect hair. I swear I thought I was gonna be sick. I know she's gonna try something. Speaking of which, where is he anyway?"

Aya took it upon herself and stood up to scan the cafeteria but suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks. "Don't look now but…I think we've got a problem"

Trying to see what she was talking about Evan looked over in the same direction and to his utter distaste he was standing with none other than Tiffany herself.

Terry had been searching the cafeteria for Aya and Evan when this girl suddenly approached him. She had auburn colored hair that fell to her shoulders and dark green eyes that were making him feel slightly uncomfortable. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a sky blue halter. He really just wanted to find his two friends but he had a feeling that getting out of this was not going to be that easy. "Can I help you?" he asked her as nice as possible.

The girl smiled, or seemed to be smiling. It can out border lining a smirk, Terry couldn't really tell which one it actually was. Unlike him, however, she seemed to be perfectly comfortable. "I haven't seen you around here before. Do you have a name?"

The only words that were going through the boy's head were "damn it" over and over again. Sighing in defeat he looked up at the girl. "Considering this is my first day you probably wouldn't have seen me before, and I do have a name as a matter of fact." She wasn't getting his name that easily if he had anything to say about it. All it took was two seconds for him to know the type of girl she was.

"Mysterious are we?" she replied, her voice dripping with fake humor. "Well, how would you like to come sit with me and a couple of my friends. I'm sure they'd love to meet you."

Terry felt himself sighing with relief. At least he had an excuse to get out of this one. "Actually I have people waiting for me already, in fact I should probably go. They're just over there."

Tiffany turned around momentarily and found herself scowling, but quickly replaced it with a smile. "Oh I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you joined us just for today. I don't bite, I promise."

He couldn't help it, he tried, but he simply couldn't. He rolled his eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. "I'm not gonna bail on my new friends. Now if you excuse me I really should go…" he said trailing off as he found himself confronted by a new person. A taller, bulkier, older looking person.

"Is this guy bothering you Tiff?" the guy asked in a deep, almost threatening voice as he narrowed his eyes at Terry who was now even more nervous.

Before Tiffany could reply a giggling sound could be heard and Aya had latched onto Terry's arm. "Oh Terry we've been looking everywhere for you," she said before turning to Tiffany. "Thanks for finding him for me Tiff." Smirking, she tugged on Terry's arm and the two walked away, leaving Tiffany fuming.

Back at their lunch table Terry, Aya, and Evan were sharing a good laugh. Tiffany's expression when Aya latched onto Terry had been priceless. She had been trying to hit on him after all. "God, I can't believe her. Seriously is she crazy or something? Because if she is I wanna know now for future reference if she should ever try something like that again," Terry said, laughter ringing in his voice.

"Oh she definitely is," Evan replied, his voice holding a small amount of distaste. "She thinks she's god's gift to the world or something basically. Everyone is in love with her, though she loves herself the most. Self-centered, manipulative, and pretty much all kinds of creepy. The best remedy is to simply stay away from her before she can catch you in her little web. I almost got caught once, but lucky for me Aya bailed me out."

It was impossible for Terry to hold back a smile. One reason being that now Aya had bailed him out, and another reason simply being that Evan was sitting across from him, smile and all. In fact, both of his new friends seemed like wonderful people, almost too wonderful to actually seem real. He'd never made friends this quickly before anywhere else. Of course, Aya had not really given him much of a choice, but still. It was nice to finally have people to hang out with, and he said so. "You know…this is the first time I've really made friends this fast. Usually when I move it takes forever just to meet one person."

Before Evan could get out a syllable, Terry realized that Aya had already begun talking. "Well that's no surprise. You have to be one of the shyest people I've seen at this school, but that doesn't work around me you see? I simply do not accept it. You've got to be more outgoing if you want to meet people. I suppose it was lucky that you bumped into me like you did. Even if you knocked all my stuff over," she added, sticking out her tongue.

The rest of lunch continued like that, and Terry couldn't have been happier. The smile had not left his face for a moment. Aya had to be one of the most amusing people he had ever met and Evan…well, just his name speaks for itself. It was not until the end of lunch that the cafeteria became silent. Announcements were being made.

One particular one, however, caught Evan's attention. His English teacher, Ms. Lellock, had taken the microphone. "Anyone who is interested in auditioning for this year's fall play may come after school next Monday. We will be doing Fairytales Abridged. It will be a very interesting production I can promise you. Auditions will be held at 3:00pm in the auditorium. I hope to see many of you there."

If there was one thing that Terry had always been interested in it was drama. At his old school he had been one of the best actors, taking charge in many of the lead roles, including Romeo, Danny, and the dashing Prince Charming. He wasn't exactly sure what things would be like here, but the one thing he did know was that he didn't care. Theatre had become a huge part of his high school career and he was not about to give that up.

After the bell rang signaling the end of lunch Terry found himself alone with Evan once more, the two of them heading in the same direction, one towards physics, and the other towards AP Biology. The journey across the school dragged along in silence until Terry decided he needed to initiate a conversation.

"So…are you into drama and all that?" Terry asked, despite the fact that he seemed like more of a sports type of person. He had a gift for the most part, the ability to guess people's answers to his questions, and as a bonus he had gotten to know Evan a bit better during lunch.

"That depends really. Are you?" he replied, a mysterious grin plastered on his face.

It was the same grin that had made Terry feel like he was going to melt all day. He couldn't help it though! The way he smiled, the way he was so energetic, the way he flirted…wait. FLIRTED? Now that was definitely something Terry was imagining. Evan isn't even gay…right? For the first time it dawned upon him that he had never really considered the other boy's sexuality…so he could like other guys right? Yeah…

"Hey, Terr? Why are you smiling like that? Evan asked with what Terry would describe was an adorable look of confusion.

However, that's what it took to snap Terry out of his daze and make him realize that he had been spacing out again. "Eh…nothing, heh. But yeah, I am. I was thinking about audition for the fall production of Fairytales Abridged. Not singing or anything, that might kill someone." Terry paused for a quick moment to revel in Evan's laugh but continued quickly as to not seem suspicious. "But…I'm a pretty good actor, and it sounds interesting…I dunno though. It probably sounds really lame…"

"No!" Evan all but shouted, but quickly lowered hi voice, making Terry a tad bit suspicious. "No…it doesn't. I think it sound kinda cool. Maybe I'll do it too. After all, who knows what kind of scary people you might meet. I wouldn't want to leave you to fend for yourself."

There it was again…that smile, that look, even the words! It was enough to drive Terry insane. Honestly, how much could one person possibly take? Evan was being so…Evan! How was it possible for one person to be THAT cute…and funny…and, and everything else. He had yet to find a single flaw with him, other than the fact that sometimes he made absolutely no sense, but all that did was make him even more irresistible.

Quickly shaking his head to get rid of those thoughts, he looked up at Evan and smiled. Perhaps…perhaps he'll play along this time. "Well aren't you a knight in shining armor, but I'm no damsel in distress you know. I may not look it, but I can be pretty rough when the occasion calls for it."

This only succeeded in making Evan's grin grow wider, and then form into a humorous smirk. "I don't doubt it. In fact, I'll count in that," he said before turning around. "Catch you later."

Terry was left rooted in his position, realizing that he had reached the physics room, and watching Evan's retreating form. At the moment his face was the definition of shock. "What the hell just happened?"

…"I don't doubt it. In fact, I'll count on that," he said before turning around. "Catch you later." With those as his final words Evan headed in the other direction towards his physics class which was a few classrooms back.

He was amused wit himself, no doubt about it. It wasn't like he could help it. Something about leaving Terry guessing just made him laugh and only plan his next attack. He was just too adorable in a stage of confusion and cluelessness. It wasn't until the bell rand that Evan was taken from his thoughts as he dashed into the classroom and into his regular seat by the window. That's where he liked to sit, by the window. It made not paying attention a lot easier.

It wasn't like Evan really missed much. The teacher was way out there for starters, always going on tangents and often wasting entire classes talking about things that teens really did not care about. Why should he care if one of his students became a bartender and got rich off it? 'Of course, that's probably why he gives us open notes and open book tests,' Evan thought to himself. 'We'd all fail if we didn't.'

Soon Evan could hear Dr. Connor's droning voice describing some relationship between friction and force, things that were not on the top of his priority list. Deciding against trying to force himself to pay attention he took out his note book that he and Aya kept and a black pen. He had to stifle a laugh as he flipped through to find a blank page. There were notes from two years ago in that thing. Finally he found a new page and began to write.

"Aya, you totally have to help me out, I have no idea what to do. I haven't been able to stop thinking about Terry ALL day, it's crazy! He's gorgeous for one thing, the hair, the eyes? Definitely a hottie, but there's more. I mean, just from talking to him at lunch…he's awesome. He's gonna try out for the play next Monday. OMG! That reminds me, you know how I was being a tad bit flirty? He was actually flirting back. So maybe there's hope after all? I don't expect him to make a move or anything though, way too shy seeming for that. Still…we've gotta get together and chill or something. Movies on Friday? Then you can observe and tell me if I have a shot okay? Awesome. Thanks in advance! I just really want something to happen with this guy, you know? There's something about him that's just…different. Anyway, hope you're not too bored. Catch you later! Evan"

Leting out a small sigh he closed the book and made a small attempt to pay attention to the rest of the lesson. Not even that was necessary however as he had now begun to talk about baseball for some odd reason. Yes, the Red Sox were going well this year, but everyone knew that already. Evan had to wonder if his teacher simply didn't feel like teaching or if he truly thought that what he was saying was important.

The rest of school was pretty much a bore for him. He had a directed study and then was a teacher's aid for Ms. Lellock. Nothing to be excited about. Evan had not run into Aya until after 6th period. The note book was handed over, receiving a knowing smile in return that caused Evan's cheeks to grow warm.

There was no rush to get to Ms. Lellock's room, there never was. She and him got along pretty well and she never really cared if he was a minute or two late. It only mattered when a substitute was in. Yet, as he strolled into the room moments after the bell he was greeted by a sight he did not expect. A pair of piercing green eyes stared up at him, followed by a warm smile, causing Evan to do a double take. "You take Creative Writing?!"

All Terry did was smile at him and nod his head. "It's a hobby of mine," he replied, "and I saw the class available so I figured why not? Wasn't expecting to see you though, but I can't say I'm disappointed."

Evan caught the sudden change of tone when he added the last part. 'There it is again…I swear it can't be just me. But he seemed like such a shy person…Aha! He's blushing, just a bit, so adorable…'

"Evan…Evan!" a voice called from behind him. Realizing he must have zoned out for a minute he saw Terry's face getting redder and Ms. Lellock standing beside him, smiling, but still shaking her head. "I see you've met our newest student." There was something odd in her tone. "Now, I've got a class to teach and you have a nice stack of papers waiting to be corrected and graded."

Flashing one last smile in Terry's direction, Evan made his way over to Ms. Lellock's desk and plopped down into the chair. The young teacher never used her desk unless the students were testing and in creative writing it's not very often.

Soon he had fallen into a monotonous state, marking red x's, counting them up, and giving the tests a grade. It was probably his least favorite thing to do, mostly because she left him to grade the stupid tests. Most of the time only two or three students pass at all, and it was the same two or three students. Not to mention now there was a certain distraction involved. Every few minutes the boy shot glances at Terry, then quickly shook his head to get back to work.

"You know, you are taking a much longer time grading those papers than you normally do," a voice said pleasantly, making Evan jump in the seat. He hadn't even heard anyone walk over.

He scowled at her teasingly and shook his head. "It's just really boring. You always leave me with the warped people's papers to grade. It's really not very fair." And he stuck out his tongue. "You should let me teach the class sometime and you can sit here and grade all of this boring paper work. In fact, I think we should do that one day. Really now, it'd be great. You'll need the experience anyway for when I'm gone cause I know I'm the only sucker who would do all this for you," he said flashing her a grin.

The kind teacher nudged him playfully and then glanced over at her newest student who was busy working. "You know…I don't think you are telling the complete truth. In fact, I think I know exactly why it is taking you so long to finish grading those papers. And he's sitting only a few seats away." She started to laugh when she saw Evan's face go red, but decided to be nice and not mention anything further, including the glances she had seen Terry sending his way.

Evan shook his head quickly. "That's not it at all," he replied, flustered. "Don't you have a class to teach or something? If you keep bugging me I won't be able to finish grading these papers." Ms. Lellock just smiled knowingly and left to tend to a student who needed her attention.

For one reason or another the period seemed to drag on forever. When the bell signaling the end of the day finally rang Evan felt himself rushing to finish up grading the papers, letting out a sigh when he was finally able to push the pile away from him and sit back for a minute. He watched as Ms. Lellock spoke to Terry about things he needed to make up in the class and such. Even as they talked it felt as though time were moving in slow motion until finally Terry grabbed his bag and headed to the door, waiting to see if Evan was going to follow, which he definitely was.

"Like the class?" Evan asked as the two headed towards their lockers.

Terry smiled and nodded. "I'm such a dork I know, but I love writing, what can I say? Lellock seems really nice too, which is always good."

"Hey you guys!" a girl's voice suddenly called out. "Wait up!"

Evan knew it was Aya right away, and mentally slapped himself for not remembering to wait for her. They always met up after seventh period and headed to their lockers together. For this reason he held his head down slightly, wearing an embarrassed expression as she approached them. It was no surprise when he felt her wack him on the shoulder.

Yet, as he waited for her to scold him, it never came. When he looked up she just looked at him with a smirk and shrugged her shoulders. There was something in her eyes also that made him feel just a tad bit uncomfortable. When Aya realized this she giggled and continued to walk, leaving the two boys running to catch up.

"So are you guys up for a movie on Friday?" she asked. "I've got no plans for the weekend so far. We should totally hang out."

Evan smiled and nodded. "I'm definitely in. How about it Terry?"

"Sure! Why not?" was his response.

The other teen smiled as the nights events played through his head. This was something he could not wait for. "Alright then, Aya and I will pick you up Friday night."